Wikimedia Release Engineering Team

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Release Engineering's mission is to enable confident code deployment with feedback loops to inform optimal delivery to production.

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Team Values
🧑‍💻 Developer focus 🎖️Integrity 🌻 Freedom & open source 🙌 Quality 👥 Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Communicate directly and honestly with teammates
  • Disagree without animosity
  • Hold each other accountable
  • Work in the open
  • Be a good upstream
  • FOSS in the decision process, always
  • Advocate for supporting open projects (*cough*💰*cough*)
  • Make time to add polish and features
  • Take time to write tests and do code review
  • Make documentation easy to read
  • Listen like you want to be heard
  • Help each other
  • Be mindful of timezones
  • Be mindful of idioms
  • Review each other's code


See also: /Skill matrix and /Access list

Things We Do (that we can help you with):

What Who
Continuous Integration
  • pre/post merge tests
    • eg: unit tests, auto-documentation updates, etc
  • browser tests
  • General support in TDD/BDD best practices
  • Antoine Musso
  • Dan Duvall
Integration Environments
  • Dan Duvall
  • Mukunda Modell
  • Tyler Cipriani
Deploying software
  • Dan Duvall
  • Mukunda Modell
  • Tyler Cipriani
  • Ahmon Dancy
Developer productivity
  • Local development environments
  • Jeena Huneidi
  • Brennen Bearnes
Developer Tools Support
  • Tyler Cipriani
  • Mukunda Modell
MediaWiki Releases for third-parties
  • aka: "the tarball"
  • Tyler Cipriani
  • Mukunda Modell

Where we are:

See also:

Person Timezone Location
Ahmon Dancy UTC-8 California, USA
Dan Duvall UTC-8 California, USA
Jeena Huneidi UTC-8 Washington, USA
Brennen Bearnes UTC-7 Colorado, USA
Tyler Cipriani UTC-7 Colorado, USA
Mukunda Modell UTC-6 Missouri, USA
Antoine Musso UTC+1 France

Quarterly Objectives and Planning

See /Goals


We maintain a list of dashboards that provide insight into the services we maintain and how our team is functioning.

See also