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I have installed webtrees, and followed the setup wizard, using a blank database. However, I have now managed to import my sql database from my previous website host.

How can I change which database webtrees uses.

I am hoping that if I can change it to use the newly imported database with all previous content, I'll be up and running again.


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Extension:Restrict access by category and group

Analistacavanha (talkcontribs)

Hello people.

I need to restrict access to a certain category of pages to a certain group of users.

Then I found this extension, and I was able to restrict access to a category of pages with the following command "$ wgGroupPermissions ['Update'] ['private'] = true;" inside Localsettings.php

But I'm not able to make it possible for only a certain group of users to access this category of pages. Is there a way to do this?

Star Warden (talkcontribs)

You can use this extension.

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Vssupport (talkcontribs)


We are having an issue with uploading images on

The image uploads but the thumbnail gives an error every time: Error creating thumbnail: Unable to save thumbnail to destination

We checked the directory's permissions and ownership, even looked into the config file. We found from MediaWiki support boards, the suggestion is to ensure the PHP variables point to a working ./tmp directory.

Even after configuring absolute paths, the thumbnails do NOT appear, but the full images show up.

Is there something that we could be missing that would prevent these thumbnails from being created?


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do you have any system page that works as status?

Eduaddad (talkcontribs)

Do you have a status page to show the errors?

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Oryx17 (talkcontribs)

Hi is there a method for getting article based on numeric digit instead of text? Example: GET /page/pdf/{title} instead I am looking for something like GET /page/pdf/458745. Thanks.

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Waanders (talkcontribs)

Although we use a captcha (Extension:ConfirmEdit#ReCaptcha .28NoCaptcha.29, saying "Effectiveness at stopping spam" = High), we still get sometimes a bunch of new spam-users registered at our wiki. Just 1 time in 2 months or so, then 10 to 15 new users, and for some users a page or two about cigarettes, Vietnamese literature, college and so on. And then it stops. We block the users and remove the pages but we want them to not be created at all.

Anybody any suggestions how to solve this?

Fokebox (talkcontribs)

I use this and it works perfectly:

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Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Hey. I am trying to make modified system messages in the site's default language - English (US), from special:all messages, to appear as the default for all languages. I saw that $wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg should take care of it, but even if I add $wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg = 'uploadtext';, the change isn't reflected here ( I have restarted the server, memcached, database and still nothing. Any idea what's going wrong or if I have missed a step?

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg is an array, so you probably need to use

$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg = [ 'uploadtext' ];


$wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg[] = 'uploadtext';


Star Warden (talkcontribs)

Tried both options, I tried even with $wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg = array( 'uploadtext' ); but still nothing.

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Brianfly (talkcontribs)

We are receiving the "Cannot access the database" error. This is a new install and we were able to complete the configuration, which means it was able to connect to the SQL server and create the database, logins and security. We also checked the box to use the same account for access as was used to create the SQL DB. We are using Windows authentication, but tried SQL server authentication as well, but with the same result. We enabled PHP errors and debugging, but got no useful information other than the below. Our environment is Windows Server 2016, SQL 2016, MediaWiki LTS 1.27.3. We have installed the correct VC and MS PHP drivers for PHP, which has been proven since everything talks to the SQL server, except after configuration. Looking at previous responses, there doesn't seem to be much help with SQL server, but thought I'd post to see if anyone has had a similar issue. Relevant error and debug log lines are:

PHP error log:PHP Warning:  Declaration of DatabaseMssql::ignoreErrors(array $value = NULL) should be compatible with DatabaseBase::ignoreErrors($ignoreErrors = NULL) in \\xxx\WikiMedia\includes\db\DatabaseMssql.php on line 1413

PHP Debug log:[error] [63d39a8a9c671c22ec901aaa] /   ErrorException from line 1413 of \\xxx\WikiMedia\includes\db\DatabaseMssql.php: PHP Warning: Declaration of DatabaseMssql::ignoreErrors(array $value = NULL) should be compatible with DatabaseBase::ignoreErrors($ignoreErrors = NULL)

[connect] Failed to connect to database 0 at xxx

Brianfly (talkcontribs)

Just an update. We were able to get SQL authentication working. We also tested windows authentication using the below script, connecting with the same apppool credentials as the site and it works as well. It seems that once the configuration is done, the wiki site does not find the windows authentication username and password. Was wondering if this can be verified?


/* Specify the server and connection string attributes. */ 

$serverName = "xxx"; 

$connectionInfo = array( "Database"=>"test_wiki"); 

/* Connect using Windows Authentication. */ 

$conn = sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo); 

if( $conn === false ) 

     echo "Unable to connect.</br>"; 

     die( print_r( sqlsrv_errors(), true)); 

/* Query SQL Server for the login of the user accessing the 

database. */ 

$tsql = "SELECT CONVERT(varchar(32), SUSER_SNAME())"; 

$stmt = sqlsrv_query( $conn, $tsql); 

if( $stmt === false ) 

     echo "Error in executing query.</br>"; 

     die( print_r( sqlsrv_errors(), true)); 

/* Retrieve and display the results of the query. */ 

$row = sqlsrv_fetch_array($stmt); 

echo "User login: ".$row[0]."</br>"; 

/* Free statement and connection resources. */ 

sqlsrv_free_stmt( $stmt); 

sqlsrv_close( $conn); 


Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

You're probably missing to set $wgDBWindowsAuthentication

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Page Editing Error (Collapse/Expand)

Richarddteamaccent (talkcontribs)

When editing text through the "Edit" section in MediaWiki 1.29.0, I experience the following:

Source code produces the following output:


Process examples to communicate issues and templates to coders and editors. Test 2

  • Check engine oil level

null Expand

However, when editing text, for example, if I wanted to remove "Test 2" using "Edit" above, the following happens in the source code:

* <span class="mw-customtoggle-EngineOil" style="color:#36c">Check engine oil level</span>

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" id="mw-customcollapsible-EngineOil">

changes to:

* <span class="mw-customtoggle-EngineOil" style="color:#36c">Check engine oil level</span>

<div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed">

To summarize, id="mw-customcollapsible-EngineOil" is removed, which causes [Collapse] or [Expand] to appear in the far right, instead of clicking on the header to expand or collapse.

I can work around this by first editing the text and and then going into the source code to re-enter each ID, but that seems very manually intensive.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a fix? (Please let me know if further clarification is required.)

Thank you.

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

It may be a bug with Visual Editor and custom togglers.

If you can reproduce it on a WMF wiki (it can be on a sandbox page), report it as a bug (talkcontribs)


I am deleted objectcache table by mistake. How i create it on the mysql terminal?

CREATE TABLE objectcache;

is it enough?

2003:72:6D1C:7500:CD92:7D96:FEB1:DD20 (talkcontribs)

No, that is not enough.

Basically, the file maintenance/tables.sql contains the CREATE statement, which you have to run.

How exactly the table has to look may be different in other versions of MediaWiki and in other database management systems (e.g. in MSSQL or PostGres).

2003:72:6D1C:7500:CD92:7D96:FEB1:DD20 (talkcontribs)

And note that /*_*/ has to be replaced by the table prefix, if set. And /*i*/ is what indeces are prepended with. (talkcontribs)

If i run maintenance script problem is solve?

I am created table on the terminal like that, it works but i don't know, maybe in the background there may be a problem.

"CREATE TABLE objectcache (keyname char(255) binary, value mediumblob, exptime datetime);" (talkcontribs)

No, running update.php will not help.

The query, which you have run, misses the PRIMARY KEY on the keyname column.

Also, you should still add an index:

 CREATE INDEX exptime ON objectcache (exptime);
Bekircem (talkcontribs)

CREATE INDEX exptime ON objectcache (exptime);

I I applied that command. Is that all? Do I need to do something else?

Thank you for your help. 

Ciencia Al Poder (talkcontribs)

That's all you need