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Different Shape Bullets

I've been trying to determine how to use a bullet shape other than the default disc for sub-items in a list. Too many disc bullets can look confusing when differentiating between levels. Any ideas? Help? Thanks!

Shanna.jinkerson (talk)17:55, 27 March 2015

CustomSidebar, Reference to another page

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Last edit: 16:45, 27 March 2015

Hi, <sidebar>Sidebar-txt</sidebar> does not show my Sidebar-txt page with a view lines of text in the sidebar. Why? MediaWiki 1.24.1, PHP 5.3.28-nmm2 (fpm-fcgi), MySQL 5.5.40-nmm1-log Thank you. --Metathom (talk) 16:43, 27 March 2015 (UTC)

Metathom (talk)16:43, 27 March 2015

Sidebar changes not appearing

The contents of this page are supposed to define the sidebar:

There's a "help" line in there that wasn't (and isn't) showing up in the sidebar; I added a "test" line just now, and it's not showing up either.

Sirjazzfeet (talk)00:05, 27 March 2015

Your link (** test|test) is visible at my wiki. May be you have to comment out this lines of code in your skin. --Metathom (talk) 16:29, 27 March 2015 (UTC)

Metathom (talk)16:29, 27 March 2015

Unwanted User Registration

I have a problem with fake users who modify my wiki pages (usually the Main Page) for spam.

I tried blocking the user registration page, but they continue to register (i also receive returning emails for they not having an email account), access to wiki and modify it.

Since i suppose they are bots, i also tried to set a rule to wait 4 days for an user to modify anything (if the user is "younger" than 4 days, it cannot modify anything)

thank you for help!, 27 March 2015

Hi, how you have blocked the registration page? If you do this correctly, no-one should be able to regsiter, e.g. if you set the createaccount right to false for unregistered users.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)11:56, 27 March 2015

I blocked registration of new users and i'm also merging users, then i will use blockandnuke the resulting one, 27 March 2015

feed from private wiki

We have a private wiki:

  • MediaWiki 1.23.5
  • PHP 5.3.3-7+squeeze21
  • MySQL 5.1.73-1

Is there a way to read feeds from our wiki without a login? Is there something like the $wgWhitelistRead variable for feeds?

Can somebody help me, thanks in advance!

Greetings, Stefan, 1 December 2014

Which feeds? Watchlist feed? Recentchanges?

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)09:41, 1 December 2014

mainly the watchlist feed, recentchanges and new sides are also interesting, 1 December 2014

And now the question is: What means private :) You mean that all users must login to read the content?

For watchlists, you can use Watchlist tokens.

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)12:28, 1 December 2014

Yes, all users must login to read the content. I also don't see changes in the watchlist feed if I use tokens and I'm not logged in., 1 December 2014

I am not the original poster but am also looking into getting Recent Changes RSS feeds to work from a wiki that requires login for access. I use tinytinyRSS, a web based feed aggregator. It's set up so that clicking on an RSS feed link generates a new feed. When I click on the recent changes RSS link in wikipedia, it creates a working link. When I click the same button in our password protected mediawiki it gives me an error:

No feeds found in
Tenbergen (talk)00:34, 12 March 2015

When I look at the feed from a different browser that is not set up to push rss links into tinyRSS. When I am logged in I get something that looks like an RSS feed. When I log out I get the API instructions, preceded by

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <error code="readapidenied" info="You need read permission to use this module" xml:space="preserve">
Tenbergen (talk)00:51, 12 March 2015

When I look at the error in TinyRSS it says "LibXML error 5 at line 3217 (column 1): Extra content at the end of the document"

When I copy and paste the API response into Notepad++ to count lines it only seems to have 3206.

Tenbergen (talk)01:22, 12 March 2015

Firefox -> view source code: It displays line numbers, and it indeed has more than 3217 lines.

There's no point in having a private wiki and also leak a recent changes feed. Sorry, but I don't think you would get support for opening that feed on a private wiki.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)11:35, 12 March 2015

Thanks for the source code hint, I was looking at the rendered page. Looking at the source code hint, it appears that the complaint is about the script section at the very end. Which makes sense, it expects an XML document and instead receives an html document with a script at the end. The RSS reader can't interpret that, so to get any meaningful idea what is going on takes a fair bit. I think it might make more sense if, in response to a feed request, the api generated a "feed" that states the error?

Regarding the login requirement, I am not trying to get the feed to bypass it. TinyRSS can provide a login account and password, it just isn't working. I am trying to find out more about that.

Tenbergen (talk)23:37, 12 March 2015

Mediawiki won't let me save an edited page

Hi all,

I have the Mediawiki running fine in a Ubuntu 12.10, but after 2 or 3 days, it shows an "error loading page" when I try to save or preview an edited page.

In the "error.log" file, the only line logged is:

"[Fri Mar 27 10:09:37 2015] [error] child died with signal 11"

Have someone have this problem before?

Thanks!, 27 March 2015

Oh, I forgot to mention that the problem is solved if I reboot the server. Then after 3 days it happens again., 27 March 2015

Problem with Parsoid

Hello, In our site made with MediaWiki, we have a problem with Parsoid. Sometimes, when editing content with Visual Editor, we have this error : "parsoidserver-http-curl-error:Failed to connect to ::1: Permission denied." Do you know form where it may come from ? Thank you

Olivier sopra (talk)15:46, 25 March 2015

Precision : when we have this error, the service is stopped and must be restarted : nohup node server.js &

Olivier sopra (talk)15:57, 25 March 2015

What does the logfile say? Is it the actual parsoid version (maybe you want to use the packaged one?)?

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)12:02, 27 March 2015

Disable some used scripts in mobile version, how to do that?

A thread, Thread:Project:Support desk/Disable some used scripts in mobile version, how to do that?, was moved from here to Extension talk:MobileFrontend. This move was made by Florianschmidtwelzow (talk | contribs) on 27 March 2015 at 11:59.

Clicking on Images

I am running MediaWiki 1.24.1 , PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.7, MySQL 5.5.41-0ubuntu0.14.04.1.

When I click on a image in any template I might use - I now choose Template:Auto images at Wikipedia , for example located at Clicking on the image it is then screened from URL - ...../...../Template:Auto_images#/media/File:example.jpg which shows the original size image in my browser and allows a slideshow-like possibility when there is more than on image on the page.

In my wiki, after creating a page with loaded image, I click on the image and the image is then screened from URL - ..../mediawiki/index.php/File:example.jpg and only by clicking on "Original file" do I get the full image in my browser - URL - ..../mediawiki/images/example.jpg

Two questions: 1) How do I make my wiki behave like the Template:Auto images, and screen "full size" "Original size" image in the browser ? 2) Clicking on the "Original size" link the URL shows ..../mediawiki/images/example.jpg , but the directory /usr/share/mediawiki/images/ is empty  ?, 27 March 2015

Make the API use memcache?

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Last edit: 12:49, 23 March 2015

Is it possible to let the API make use of memcache?

I'd like to add a ~500 ms query on every article so memcache would come in handy., 23 March 2015

The api already uses memcached if installed in appropriate places.

Sounds more like you want to use varnish/squid to cache full responses.

Bawolff (talk)17:41, 26 March 2015

Common.css ~ Where is it?

I guess I am dumber than a rock...I can't find the file common.css so I can do changes to it even though I have basically searched for a day and a half. Can someone please tell me where the file is located. I am using the current version 1.16.2 – 2011-02-01 and the Vector skin.

please email me with the info

I appreciate any help you can give me.



Codi72706:13, 19 February 2011

Edit the page MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki. If you want to change only the CSS for the Vector skin, edit the page MediaWiki:Vector.css.

Reach Out to the Truth06:19, 19 February 2011

There again I have found no file by the name of Vector.css in addition to common.css. I'm very new at setting up a Wiki so maybe I'm missing something. You say "Edit the page MediaWiki:Common.css on your wiki" NOW I'M ASSUMING I DO THAT WITH A PHP EDITOR NOT THROUGH THE "URL"

Codi72706:26, 19 February 2011

No, I specifically chose the words "on your wiki" to tell you that you should be editing pages on your wiki. Do not edit any external files. Type MediaWiki:Common.css in your wiki's search box. It will bring you to that page. Click the edit button and add whatever you need to.

Reach Out to the Truth14:40, 19 February 2011

Thanks for you clearer really helped me greatly. Your assistance will always be appreciated by me.

Codi727, 21 February 2011

Thanks so much for this!, 9 September 2012

thanks too! --Metathom (talk) 22:28, 26 March 2015 (UTC)

22:28, 26 March 2015
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 22:54, 26 March 2015

I do not know where is Common.css., 17 May 2011


It's a page on your wiki, not a file.

Reach Out to the Truth21:33, 21 May 2011

Be also sure to be logged with sysop permission otherwise the page is locked for changes., 12 February 2012
Edited by 2 users.
Last edit: 15:30, 18 January 2013

I made a change to my Common.css at and I no longer can see my pages (I'm sure it was a dimension change that shows 'none'). I don't know how to change it back since I can't see the pages (see pic below).

Running current everything:

Woiow (talk)15:26, 16 January 2013

You linked your site, but not your wiki. Could you start a new thread with a link directly to your wiki so that I can see your Common.css?

MarkAHershberger(talk)16:58, 16 January 2013

No such Module Error


I'm copying over templates on a new wiki set up at

I'm using; MediaWiki Wersion: 1.23.0 PHP: 5.4.29 (cgi-fcgi) MYSQL: 5.5.36-cll LUA: 5.1.5

And i'm getting the error "Script error: No such module." on templates such as this on:, 13 June 2014


This problem is related to Scribunto. It happens, when Scribunto tries to invoke a page, which is missing. Look at your #invoke: line. What is the first word after that? You're missing a matching wiki page.

For example, if you have {{#invoke: Main...}}, you need a page on your wiki named Module:Main that holds the Scribunto code., 13 June 2014

Correct, you must import modules, too :) See: There is included the module Documentation, which not exist in your wiki. Import this module and all is correct :)

Florianschmidtwelzow (talk)10:26, 13 June 2014

OK, thanks for your replies, 13 June 2014

Recent changes

Dear All.

I have a custom namespace where sensitive information are stored. Only logged in users are allowed to read and alter the contents of this namespace. However, changes made in this sensitive namespace show up in RSS feed and recent changes. Are there any option to exclude this namespace from triggering recent changes?


Pompelpilt (talk)09:59, 26 March 2015

See Manual:Preventing access. basically, a wiki is not made to have per-namespace read protection. That information could be leaked in a lot of different ways.

You should probably want to create a different wiki for that, and make it private, instead of using a namespace for that.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:44, 26 March 2015

Thanks for your reply. I have perfect control over access to the namespace with sensitive information. Users are required to log on when they want to see articles in that namespace. That works like a charm. The problem is that information provided in this namespace leaks through "Recent changes" and RSS feed witch can be viewed by anyone. I could probably restrict access to "Recent changes" and disable RSS feed, but I would prefer to keep those running.

Pompelpilt (talk)11:17, 26 March 2015

You need custom hook. Try adding to bottom of LocalSettings.php

$wgHooks['SpecialRecentChangesQuery'][] = 'wfHideChanges';
function wfHideChanges( $conds ) {
$hiddenNS = 123; // Replace this with the namespace NUMBER (not its name) that you want to hide.
$conds[] = 'page_namespace != ' . $hiddenNS;
return true;

Untested. I probably made a typo somewhere. no guarantees it works. Probably lots of other side methods of accessing page contents (including as templates, other special pages, special:allpages, etc).

Bawolff (talk)17:37, 26 March 2015

Well, I tested it, and it did produce a recent changes event and an RSS feed. I changed the namespace number before I did the test. That was the only change needed, right?

Unfortunately, I have little knowledge of the programming language here, so I have no idea what to look for. Thanks anyway. Any other ideas?, 26 March 2015

No beta features appearing after installed Beta Features extension

Currently using MediaWiki 1.23.8, PHP 5.4.38 (cgi-fcgi), MySQL 5.6.23-log and trying to get the visual editor working. Followed the wiki pages to install the Beta Features extension (link). Feature shows installed under Special:Version in Installed Extensions. I can go to Preferences -> Beta Features, but there are no features listed, just the "Automatically enable all new beta features" option.

Is there something additional that is needed to make the features appear?

2001:4898:80E0:ED43:0:0:0:218:58, 25 March 2015

Beta features extension only provides the infrastructure. Actual beta features provided by other extensions, often requiring a config setting to be changed to enable it.

Bawolff (talk)17:38, 26 March 2015

Exporting a wiki for offline use

I would like to export a whole wiki into a format which does not require a working Internet connection to use, does not require a web browser to view, and provides navigation and search facilities. CHM is an example of such format (CHM is a little evil, but it is good as an example nevertheless). What such formats does mediawiki export to, including tools to convert dumps to external formats?

Gryllida10:52, 2 March 2015

I think there is no solution for that.

MediaWiki content can be exported to XML format. Apart from that you can use the according external tools to create an export, e.g. if you are using MySQL, you can create a MySQL dump. Anyway,all this is targeted at an import into (possibly another) MediaWiki instance.

What you however can do is this:

  • Run the wiki on a local machine. This requires Apache, PHP and MySQL to be running. However, this machine can then be offline, meaning it does not have to be connected to the internet.
  • The tool to view a wiki is a browser. Maybe you can build an exe file or so out of some of the pages - I know there were tools, which could do that, but anyway: You then will have to run that exe file in order to use the wiki, which technically is not different from running your webbrowser's exe file., 2 March 2015

I am trying to avoid using a web browser. A web browser is not a good tool for viewing help files, because then the task of searching and navigating the help files becomes delegated to the web browser (and hence whoever wrote the html). I do not want to know html or javascript. I want to use a standard help file format for which a viewer exists for my desktop and I can control the viewer using a language my desktop environment is written in.

Gryllida19:49, 2 March 2015

Control the browser with C, C++ and XML - nothing easier than that!, 2 March 2015

Web browser, to my mind, is an application for browsing the web. Where I browse something different from the web (i.e. an exported wiki), I would rather use an offline format in a different program.

In the event of using a local HTML version, ability to control the browser does not empower me with control over the navigation facilities that HTML version provides.

Gryllida07:28, 3 March 2015

You should export the wiki as a XML-file and then create out of this export one or more pdf files. You may need a script that cuts the wiki entries in parts and re-arranges them in such a way as to create separate xml files; or however you want to see the things displayed/converted.

Temptuousinsolence (talk)14:42, 2 March 2015

A bunch of PDF files is not a help file format, unless combined with a metadata file which helps to organize them. There has to be a standard way to do this.

Gryllida19:52, 2 March 2015

To clarify, I am looking for means to export to one of these formats, or an equivalent:

  • chm
  • texinfo
  • html (local, without running a wiki instance)
  • xml
  • docbook
  • pdf
  • man pages
  • ...

The viewer should have a search box. (As a last resort, this could be a file manager search box to find a file with an appropriate name by hand.)

Gryllida09:03, 10 March 2015

Try using zim (kiwiki project)

Bawolff (talk)14:40, 26 March 2015

Try using zim (kiwiki project)

Bawolff (talk)14:40, 26 March 2015

Fatal error: Class 'MonoBookTemplate' not found in...

Hi! I have moved my wiki site to a new hosting following these instructions: But on the new hosting I got this error and I cannot access at all the website: Fatal error: Class 'MonoBookTemplate' not found in .../skins/Modern/Modern.php on line 51 Line 51 says: class ModernTemplate extends MonoBookTemplate { I haven't changed that file at all... Can you help me? Thanks!

Medialifesf (talk)18:44, 24 March 2015

Which version of MediaWiki are you using? The file name makes me think it's 1.24. Right?

You say that you have moved the wiki - that means that you have not done an upgrade, right?

Anyway, you might want to empty all caches you find, especially those on the server!, 24 March 2015
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Last edit: 13:13, 25 March 2015

HI! Unfortunately I cannot access the website and I don't know which version is it. But I make updates every time my CPanel informs me there is an upgrade. So I think it must be last version. But you are right, I haven't made upgrade just before moving. How can I empty the cache on the server? Thanks!

Medialifesf (talk)20:01, 24 March 2015
Edited by author.
Last edit: 13:13, 25 March 2015

Hi! My hosting company answered to me that the server has no cache. What solution can you give me to recover my site? Thanks!

Medialifesf (talk)21:31, 24 March 2015

Try paying the bill

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:31, 25 March 2015
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Last edit: 13:10, 25 March 2015

I meant cache... not cash... but really... if someone can help me recover my website, I would appreciate it, it's not time for jokes for me..., 25 March 2015

Is it possible to move sidebar to the right side of page?

Using English and Chinese (left to right), but would like to have the sidebar on right side. Are there config to achieve this goal?

Zoglun (talk)00:47, 25 March 2015

It is possible by modifying a Skin, but it is not a good idea. Long preformatted text may run over the sidebar.

FriedhelmW (talk)12:26, 26 March 2015

Looking for a wiki about a wiki with Javascript

Been trying to figure out where to even find information on this.

Got a wiki up and running, and added semantic to be able to do some more stuff. Now I want the data that I added using semantic to generate some fancy graphics using javascript. My problem is as follows.

I can't find much in the way of information how to embed javascript in mediawiki. Got as far as that it needs to be added to MediaWiki:Common.js.

But are there examples. In my case, how to call a function deffined in Common.js Secondly (and this probably does not belong here, but thought I might be lucky) How would I go about running a SMW ask and get the data to the javascipt rather than generate the page. I have managed to get it into an array, but just don't know if that array can be accessed or if I need to do some JSON magic or similar., 25 March 2015

With SMW ask you should generate an HTML table, or list, and with JavaScript look at that structure to gather the data. It can't generate JavaScript code directly.

For example, assume it generates a table inside a div with class "graphicdata":

$(function() {
	$('.graphicdata').each(function() {
		var data = $.map($.makeArray($(this).find('table').eq(0).find('tr')), function(val, i) {
			if (i == 0) {
				// Skip the first row (we assume it's the header)
			return {
				col1: $(val.cells[0]).text(),
				col2: $(val.cells[1]).text()
Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:54, 26 March 2015

[RESOLVED] Can't create pages in custom namespace

I installed a wiki (1.24) which worked just fine.
I created various custom namespaces via LocalSettings.
When I now try to create a page in one of these namespaces, the page gets created in the main namespace. Lets say I create the page: MyNamespace:Examplepage, I can already see in the editing URL that the page gets created in the main namespace
instead of
does anyone has an idea what this could be?

When I select to move a page, I can see the various created namespaces, so I guess they are installed correctly.
But when i manually try to move a page to one of these namespaces, it says that origin and destination is the same, and therefore can't move the page.

Best regards and thanks for your help, 25 March 2015
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 10:42, 26 March 2015

I got it to work! In case anyone has the same problem, I used this scheme to create the new namespaces:

// Define constants for my additional namespaces.
define("NS_FOO", 100); // This MUST be even.
define("NS_FOO_TALK", 101); // This MUST be the following odd integer.
// Add namespaces.
$wgExtraNamespaces[NS_FOO] = "Foo";
$wgExtraNamespaces[NS_FOO_TALK] = "Foo_talk"; // Note underscores in the namespace name.

And in the second part, I accidentally set "NS_FOO" and "NS_FOO_TALK" in quotation mark., 25 March 2015

"Someone else has changed this page..." after moving wiki to new server


I moved the wiki to a new server, all looks fine, but when I try edit pages I always get this message

Edit conflict: ... Someone else has changed this page since you started editing it. The upper text area contains the page text as it currently exists. Your changes are shown in the lower text area. You will have to merge your changes into the existing text. Only the text in the upper text area will be saved when you press "Save page".

System info (Ubuntu server): MediaWiki 1.22.4 PHP 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.7 (apache2handler) SQLite 3.8.2 with full-text search support

I googled around but with no success.

Thanks in advance.

Ubc ue (talk)13:00, 23 March 2015

Hi all, I'm really out of ideas. There are no system error massages. It seems a DB thing (I'm using SQLite), but can't see where the issue is.

Any hint would be appreciated.


Ubc ue (talk)08:35, 24 March 2015

Is your wiki public? A link to it may help us test the problem.

When editing a page, view the HTML source of the page from the browser, and find two hidden inputs, that should be near the edit area:

 <input type='hidden' value="20150324104020" name="wpStarttime" />
 <input type='hidden' value="20150306172305" name="wpEdittime" />

Search for those input names, and look at the values (the value should change for you). wpStarttime contains the time when you started editing the page, and wpEdittime contains the time of the last revision of the page when you started editing. Both are timestamps in UTC time. wpEdittime should happen before in time than wpStarttime. If not, something is wrong in your database or the system time when you imported the database.

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:46, 24 March 2015

Hi, many thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the wiki is private and there is no public url.

Anyway I checked the source of the page when editing, and this is how it looks

<input type='hidden' value="20150324150924" name="wpStarttime" /> <input type='hidden' value="20140403224620" name="wpEdittime" />

so this detail seems ok.

Thanks again., 24 March 2015

See if you have defined in LocalSettings any of those settings and if the value is correct: $wgExternalDiffEngine, $wgDiff, $wgDiff3

Ciencia Al Poder (talk)10:40, 25 March 2015

Hi, thanks again.

The only setting I have is $wgDiff3 = "/usr/bin/diff3"; and is correct. Adding $wgExternalDiffEngine with any of the possible values listed here$wgExternalDiffEngine does not seems to make any difference., 25 March 2015
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