Project:Support desk/Archives

This is the archives overview for the Support desk.
Archive's support desk went live in April 2006. Beforehand a few support questions were discussed on other talk pages, mainly on Talk:MediaWiki.

Since March 2008 the support desk is split into per topic subsections, as well are the archives. Older unsorted threads or threads from the "miscellaneous" section that clearly match one of the topics should be re-sorted.

The last manually created archive before switching to LiquidThreads is located at Project:Support desk/old

By topic archives

Topic Archives
Installation (includes Legalities) 001, 002, 003
System 001, 002, 003, 004
Database (MySQL) 001, 002
PHP 001
Uploading (File formats, etc.) 001, 002
Images (Thumbnails, etc.) 001, 002
Formatting (CSS, JS, Tables, Templates, etc.) 001, 002
Extensions (extensions' talk pages preferred in most cases though) 001, 002
Miscellaneous 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006, 007

Older Multi-topic archives

Please note, that the following archives will be re-sorted by topic hopefully soon.



  • one 2007 archive is kind of left over atm, the threads there will be integrated in a new archive structure soon