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A thread, Thread:Talk:MediaWiki/Users of my Wiki getting kicked while editing but me not, was moved from here to Project:Support desk. This move was made by Jasper Deng (talk | contribs) on 21 April 2015 at 22:42.

CSS of mediawiki site looks different to users accessing site

I created a Mediawiki page on a local VM behind my company's server with Windows 2008 R2 using apache 2, php5.6, and MySQL.

My page on my VM has the original skin and feel of the Mediawiki site, but if other people access the site internally in the company the page looses the skin and CSS and just looks like text.

How do I enable the site to maintain its skin and CSS when people access it?, 17 April 2015

I have a question regarding wikipedia itself and languages

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Last edit: 18:11, 12 October 2013

Dear all,

I just got an sudden thought, that 'Why do we need wikipedia in all languages, instead we have a single pool of all the articles, from all the languages, and just translate them to the requested language.


  1. all the languages will have the all the articles.
  2. less maintance of articles.


  1. a better software to translate the articles -> not exist now, but can be built if open source contibuters wish to have.
  2. better community -> which already exist.

It's a thought, may be someone have come across such idea's earlier, or it have some practical complications. Let the community to think on it.

I really feel sorry for my poor english. I tried on my best to write it right. Thank you all!

Ganeshtheone (talk)20:01, 17 July 2012

Developing high quality, universal language (machine) translation is beyond the scope of Wikipedia. (At this point in time, it seems to be beyond the scope of anyone, anywhere!) In fact, sufficiently accurate, nuanced language translation between any two languages is not yet at the level of accuracy needed for users of encyclopedic content.

Also, the difference between the various language versions of Wikipedia is greater than the language difference. I don't know how to articulate what this difference is, but I have observed it. The current approach seems to be rather effective.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Readers can choose to use machine language translation as needed. For now, this seems the more prudent arrangement i.e. to have machine language translation as an option, a helpful alternative, rather than the default.

FeralOink (talk)05:58, 17 August 2012

Why write "I have a question?" Why not write "My question is this?", 7 January 2014

Because this is Wikipedia, not Stack Overflow, nor Quora?

Because we need more machine translation?

Tiny joke.

I concur with Qgil, that any further discussion of this topic should be continued on

FeralOink (talk)11:20, 24 February 2014

Eek, that is thumbnail sized! I'm sorry.

FeralOink (talk)11:20, 24 February 2014

I had already proposed a similar sistem for Wikivoyage: archived discussion.

Ricordisamoa17:11, 10 January 2014

This topic (discussed several times over the years) belongs to and not Please continue the discussion there, if you wish.

Qgil (talk)23:23, 10 January 2014

LocalSettings.php not readable. Please correct file permissions and try again.

I am running Mediawiki on a windows 2008 Server and sometime I receive the following error messageː

LocalSettings.php not readable. Please correct file permissions and try again.

After a reload of the page the message disappears and the page is loaded correctly. It appear not at special Wiki page and I haven't found when exactly the error message is displayed.

Anyone have an idea why it appears and how I can fix this problem.

Thank you in advance


MichaelZ70 (talk)12:12, 14 April 2015

The best way (faster) to import a big data wikimedia.

I'm importing a MediaWiki database, in this case a metadata archive :

        Archive: enwiki-20150304-stub-meta-history.xml.gz 41.9 GB
        Download link:

Currently I use mwdumper to do that, but now I need to import faster than this.

Anyone know which the best way to import metadata archive Mediawiki so fast?

Thanks in advance.

Gbmoreira (talk)14:52, 26 March 2015

Can anyone update the Brazillian Portuguese Main Page template? I'll do the necessary translations.

Fabiano (Fabsouza1) (talk)14:07, 27 February 2014

I need help, some questions about html support <(_ _)>

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Last edit: 09:23, 29 June 2014

I always using external image to paste the picture in the mediawiki. If I use internal phrase of mediawiki, the direct links with the png ot jpg external file name will auto show the picture in the mediawiki. But I want to

1. resize the picture and add the frame line around the picture so I want just using html phrase and don't want using wiki's phrase. I find the rawhtml function and it seems can provide full html support, but even if I add the command - "$wgRawHtml = true" in the localsetting file ,it(rawhtml) seems not work (still show the picture automatically). If I want to enable some phrase with html code and remove all the mediawiki support temporarily, how could I do?
2. just want the picture link using the type of hyperlink like the result of vbb code [url=XXXXXX.png]hyperlink name[/url] Because the picture will auto showing after I paste the direct link with png external file name , I can't use this method to show the hyperlink like below example - [http://XXXXXXXX.png hyperlike name]
3.Then,if I use the nowiki tag, it seems not only stop support mediawiki phrase, but also I can't use the html phrase, is this true?
thanks anyone answer my questions

Goddesschi (talk)09:10, 29 June 2014

Extension de SPARQL pour l'interrogation en RDF

Salut, je veux créer une extension de SPARQL pour l'interrogation en RDF, comment je peux intégrer un grammaire SPARQL dans une application Java?

AbdelhediManel (talk)09:49, 3 March 2015

Search Bar no longer working

My search box suddenly stopped working. This is extremely inconvenient. I did not create the wiki myself, it was inherited, and I am not sure how to go about fixing this issue. Please Help, anything you can suggest!?!

Here is the error I get:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:

(SQL query hidden)

from within function "SearchMySQL::searchInternal". Database returned error "145: Table './callcenter/searchindex' is marked as crashed and should be repaired (localhost)"., 23 February 2015

This is not specifically MediaWiki’s problem, your database is corrupted. See this StackOverflow question or MySQL Reference Manual for hints how this could be solved.

Mormegil (talk)21:33, 27 February 2015

The intro doesn't say what the software is used for

"MediaWiki is a free software open source wiki package written in PHP, originally for use on Wikipedia. It is now also used by several other projects of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and by many other wikis, including this website, the home of MediaWiki."

Thank you, but that intro says zero about what the software is used for. I think the intro ought to have some overview of the purpose(s) of the software.

CountMacula (talk)12:51, 11 January 2015

"wiki package"

Jasper Deng (talk)01:13, 23 January 2015

In Spanish? mammals

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Last edit: 18:19, 12 October 2013

Is there a Spanish version of this page? If there isn't one I would like someone to make it. Thanks :), 4 August 2012

Español: Hola queridos usuarios MediaWiki, de hecho hay una página para el visitante español, puede navegar a través de la Página Principal todas las páginas traducido al español aquí y estás muy invitamos a que comparta sus conocimientos con nosotros en español!

Comience en la página de mediawiki español, si usted es un nativo de español: Portada

English: Hello dear MediaWiki user, indeed there's a page for spanish visitor, you can navigate from the mainpage through all translated spanish pages here and you're very welcome to share your knowledge with us in spanish!

Start at the spanish mediawiki page, if you're a native spaniard: Main page

Abani79 (talk)21:49, 4 August 2012

interfejs w języku użytkownika

Dlaczego jeżeli klikam w logo wyświetla mi się strona: zamiast mimo że mam wszędzie w ustawieniach język polski?

Marek Mazurkiewicz (talk)23:29, 7 February 2015 does not have mainpage among the $wgForceUIMsgAsContentMsg messages configured (cf. phabricator:T18701 for Meta). The disadvantage of that would be that languages without localized Main Page would get useless empty page (cf. meta:?uselang=mt).

Mormegil (talk)10:04, 9 February 2015

Symbolic link and Mediawiki availability

Hi guys,

I just set up my Mediawiki on Ubuntu Server and i'm having difficulity making symbolic link to my wiki. Backgroud: there is few mediawiki on the server established - first (and main) Wikiknows and on that server i created a new one Mywiki. When typing the server host for mywiki i can't reach the destination as DNS cant translate the name to the IP directly to the server. The Wikiknows is available in the domain without no problems so i wanted to create a symbolic link to my wiki on behalf of the Wikiknows - so the address for mywiki will be Wikiknows/Mywiki. The login screen is appearing (i've got LDAP extension - users are logging with domain credentials) but then the webpage is redirecting this webpage to Wikiknows. I tried to modify the DNS for domain to translate Mywiki directly to the instance of this Mywiki but i'm affraid it's not working. To open my wiki directly i need to modify my own dns and host file to access this Wiki. So i want to use the already know dns for Wikiknows with symbolic link but it wont work and right now im stuck. I created symbolic link using command sudo ln-s /var/www/mywiki. What i want to achieve that Mywiki should be available in the domain by just typing the correct URL. Can anyone advise me how to do so?, 29 January 2015

Why it ask me whether to 'clear the cache of this page' all the time

A thread, Thread:Talk:MediaWiki/Why it ask me whether to 'clear the cache of this page' all the time, was moved from here to Project:Support desk. This move was made by Jasper Deng (talk | contribs) on 9 January 2015 at 05:05.

Table thead and tfoot support

I think you'd better add table thead and tfoot in your parse, since the table structure now is: table

         td or th
         td or th
         td or th
Boxsnake (talk)17:07, 4 January 2015

Forcing HTTPS

Damn you whoever thought enforcing HTTPS was a really wonderful move. At least do it properly. Here on I can't disable HTTPS. The related checkbox is always checked even tho the preferences page says "You preferences are saved". Ironically Bugzilla is all on HTTPS so I can't report it over here. F**k.

KPu3uC B Poccuu (talk)13:55, 3 February 2014

Delete the cookies that say ForceHTTPS in your browser. However you shouldn't be logged into any wiki that has SSL enabled. Cussing won't help either, by the way.

Jasper Deng (talk)23:39, 3 February 2014
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 01:13, 28 December 2014

I don't have those cookies..

KPu3uC B Poccuu (talk)00:59, 4 February 2014

should be lower case forceHTTPS, sorry.

But in any case, I've had that problem before too. You have to relogin and when logging in, not from HTTPS.

Jasper Deng (talk)02:14, 4 February 2014
Edited by another user.
Last edit: 09:01, 1 January 2015

first of all why do you want to disable HTTPS? it gives a security and privacy benefits. If you really wanna do that then delete the cookies.

Robex89 (talk)19:03, 6 August 2014

User listed in sysop and Bureaucrats table receives Permission error

A thread, Thread:Talk:MediaWiki/User listed in sysop and Bureaucrats table receives Permission error, was moved from here to Project:Support desk. This move was made by Jasper Deng (talk | contribs) on 16 December 2014 at 21:21.

infobox character , form character, wikia, smw , semantic forms

like narutopedia wikia , narutofanon , other , i need \ .. something for infobox character, form character, templates, else, 6 December 2014

Account "Runab"

I have the SUL for Runab (home plwiki) but still have conflicts on There's one problem. On account Runab (not my) has a six edition (last: 13.01.2013 [1]). Is it change on create new account for Runab from, so I could end create my SUL account? Runab, 21 October 2014

Protection level of MediaWiki main page

Hi. I'm going to try downgrading the protection level of the main page (MediaWiki). It's been set to [edit=sysop:move=sysop] [cascading] since January 2007. This sucks for a few reasons:

  • it's anti-wiki;
  • cascading protection gets in the way of updating sub-templates; and
  • it's still sufficiently difficult to obtain autoconfirmed and figure out how to edit that the software restrictions arguably add little actual protection.

So we're gonna try it out for a bit and see what happens. If there's a lot of vandalism, we can always re-protect or investigate other options like FlaggedRevs.

MZMcBride (talk)00:54, 3 February 2013
Edited by 0 users.
Last edit: 14:23, 4 February 2013


If the experiment goes well a next candidate could be Template:MediaWiki News.

Qgil (talk)14:23, 4 February 2013

+1 as well. I had already proposed something similar in Thread:Project:Current issues/Replace full protection with FlaggedRevs, but it seems the lack of FlaggedRevs in the Main and Project namespaces prevent a more permissive approach. Is there a reason for that configuration?

In any case, since the main page is semi-protected and could potentially be vandalized, I don't see a reason for Template:Main page not to be as well. Ideally, FlaggedRevs could allow an extra level of scrutiny, not so much with vandalism prevention in mind, but to provide a system for changes in the landing page not to go public without peer review.

Waldir (talk)16:01, 9 March 2013

Unfortunately, we've been getting more test/spam edits to it recently, and I'm considering reinstating the full protection.

Jasper Deng (talk)18:01, 28 April 2013

That's kind of why we protected it in the first place.

HappyDog (talk)18:12, 28 April 2013

Let's try Special:AbuseFilter/23 for a bit.

MZMcBride (talk)18:15, 28 April 2013

But if the main page is semiprotected, why is template:Main page (i.e. the actual content of the main page) fully-protected?

Ypnypn (talk)00:44, 3 May 2013

Exactly. This seems a bit of a dichotomy, especially since (afaik) FlaggedRevs can be applied to the template namespace.

Waldir (talk)09:54, 4 May 2013

I use special extension that protects just page and that's it )

Fokebox (talk)14:16, 3 October 2014


Jasper Deng (talk)04:33, 14 October 2014

Fokebox (talk)12:29, 14 October 2014

Obviously not relevant to this discussion then (we want to have less stringent, not more stringent, protection).

Jasper Deng (talk)17:19, 14 October 2014
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