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I want make wiki for math web. Can i show math formula with mediawiki?

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Как запустить update.php

Markelovzahar (talkcontribs)

Как запустить файл /public_html/maintenance/update.php?

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Images missing after move wiki to another server

MichaelZ70 (talkcontribs)


I want to move my wiki installation from a Windows 2008 Server with IIS:

Software Version
MediaWiki 1.24.1
PHP 5.5.8 (cgi-fcgi)
MySQL 5.5.25a-log

to a Windows 2012 Server with Apache:

Software Version
MediaWiki 1.24.1
PHP 5.6.8 (apache2handler)
MySQL 5.6.24

I exported the database on the old server and imported on the new one and copied the complete mediawiki directory to the new server. Most all is working fine but all images are not displayed. There is only the link (name of the image) shown and not the image itself:

Old Wiki:

New Wiki:

Imagemagick is installed on the new Server.

Does anyon have an idea what went wrong?

Thank you in advance


MichaelZ70 (talkcontribs)


I found out the reason for the problem. All pages (and internal links) on the new Server are like this:


if I change the URL to:


all works fine.

But how or where can I change this?

Thank you in advance


MichaelZ70 (talkcontribs)

ok I found the solution. I added the following two lines to the localsettings.php

$wgScript = "{$wgScriptPath}/index.php";
$wgArticlePath = "{$wgScript}?title=$1";

now all works fine like before :-)

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Officefile1 (talkcontribs)

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Unable to post new query to PostgreSQL

Thiagomerino (talkcontribs)


I am new at mediawiki.

I have postgres 9.3 installed and mediawiki 1.26.

I have created a table called pragas which has the following definition:

Column id_praga: Type private key integer

Column nome: Type character

I have added just 1 record to "pragas" table.

The table is created under Schemas/public.

I have granted access to my user within the database called "teste".

In my LocalSettings.php, I have the following:

wfLoadExtension( 'ExternalData' );

$edgDBServer['wikimedia'] = "localhost";

$edgDBServerType['wikimedia'] = "postgres";

$edgDBName['wikimedia'] = "wikimedia";

$edgDBUser['wikimedia'] = "teste";

$edgDBPass['wikimedia'] = "aaa";

I am trying to access the database through "get_db_data", as below:

"{{#get_db_data: db=wikimedia|from=pragas|data=nome=nome}}"

I am getting the following error:

[97e6ca33] /mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/index.php?title=Main_Page&action=submit DBUnexpectedError from line 495 of /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/db/DatabasePostgres.php: Unable to post new query to PostgreSQL


  1. 0 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/db/Database.php(1032): DatabasePostgres->doQuery(string)
  2. 1 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/db/Database.php(1601): DatabaseBase->query(string, string)
  3. 2 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/db/Database.php(1690): DatabaseBase->select(string, array, array, string, array, array)
  4. 3 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/cache/LocalisationCache.php(1160): DatabaseBase->selectRow(string, array, array, string)
  5. 4 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/cache/LocalisationCache.php(349): LCStoreDB->get(string, string)
  6. 5 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/cache/LocalisationCache.php(263): LocalisationCache->loadItem(string, string)
  7. 6 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/languages/Language.php(3299): LocalisationCache->getItem(string, string)
  8. 7 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/parser/Parser.php(2048): Language->linkPrefixExtension()
  9. 8 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/parser/Parser.php(2013): Parser->replaceInternalLinks2(string)
  10. 9 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/parser/Parser.php(1262): Parser->replaceInternalLinks(string)
  11. 10 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/parser/Parser.php(439): Parser->internalParse(string)
  12. 11 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/content/WikitextContent.php(331): Parser->parse(string, Title, ParserOptions, boolean, boolean, NULL)
  13. 12 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/content/AbstractContent.php(497): WikitextContent->fillParserOutput(Title, NULL, ParserOptions, boolean, ParserOutput)
  14. 13 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/EditPage.php(3627): AbstractContent->getParserOutput(Title, NULL, ParserOptions)
  15. 14 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/EditPage.php(2415): EditPage->getPreviewText()
  16. 15 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/EditPage.php(582): EditPage->showEditForm()
  17. 16 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/actions/EditAction.php(58): EditPage->edit()
  18. 17 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/actions/SubmitAction.php(40): EditAction->show()
  19. 18 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/MediaWiki.php(490): SubmitAction->show()
  20. 19 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/MediaWiki.php(287): MediaWiki->performAction(Article, Title)
  21. 20 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/MediaWiki.php(714): MediaWiki->performRequest()
  22. 21 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/includes/MediaWiki.php(508): MediaWiki->main()
  23. 22 /var/www/html/mediawiki/mediawiki-1.26.2/index.php(41): MediaWiki->run()
  24. 23 {main}

I have already done all the changes suggested in FAQ and other links but the error continues the same.

Could anyone point me what am I missing or doing wrong? Or point me any link that could help me with this issue?

Thanks in advance

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how to set per default

Summary by Maxedrom


Maxedrom (talkcontribs)

Hello, good afternoon guys.

I need to know how to set per default only when people want to create a page, automatically appears a custom head.

Best regards.

Seb35 (talkcontribs)

As an administrator of the wiki, you can customise the system message MediaWiki:Newarticletext. If you want to customise the message in a language which is not the default language of the wiki (say, you wiki is in Deutsch (code=de), and you want to customise the message in Hungarian (code=hu)), you can customise the system message MediaWiki:Newarticletext/hu (the language code is generally wikipedia:ISO 639-1).

For this type of question, a better appropriate place is Project:Support desk.

Which is the extension of the discussion section?

Summary by Maxedrom

Thats correct (talkcontribs)

Hello Any One knows which is the extension of the discussion section?

Seb35 (talkcontribs)

This is Extension:Flow, which is developped by the Wikimedia Foundation since some years, and currently deployed here and on some discussion pages on Wikipedia.

OAEPauli (talkcontribs)

I'm a novice at all this and have been having a lot of problems with following the written instructions and getting things going. I had my mediawiki install and running but it was getting slammed with spam posts and I just couldn't get the captcha configured correctly, so I'm going to have that taken down and restart fresh... but I could really use some good video tutorials to help me get my head around all this? Any ideas??

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Michal sirek (talkcontribs)

Hey guys,

I'm trying to setup Cirrus Search with Elastica. I followed the steps on Extension:CirrusSearch. When I load Special:Version I see that Elastica (Version is installed but as soon as I put require_once "$IP/extensions/CirrusSearch/CirrusSearch.php"; in my LocalSetting.php file and try to load Special:Version I now get "Fatal error: Class 'ConfigFactory' not found in /var/www/Wiki/extensions/CirrusSearch/includes/Hooks.php on line 946".

I did not modify this file manually "Hooks.php", I simply downloaded the file and extracted to EXTENSIONS as requested in the documentation.

Can anyone help please? (talkcontribs)


Idriss baladi (talkcontribs)


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2001:1610:42:8700:F8A5:4582:1685:4AF4 (talkcontribs)


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I have the text above with the line of the alphabet on a mediawiki glossary page. I have a long list of abbreviations building downwards in alphabetical order on the page.

I want to make links for each letter of the alphabet so that when you click on each of them you will be taken to that letter's first word in the abbreviations list.

I tried searching everywhere and I can find some talk and tutorials about it but I have given up now, as I simply can't find out which format of codes to add.

If for example I wish to find the abbreviation for the word TAUNT how do I code that?

code for T

code for TAUNT

or could I make the code for just the first T in TAUNT?

I hope someone can help me here :)

Abdslam fannach (talkcontribs)

hello my frien mu naum is abdslam i'm from morocoo so do you can help mé pleaus

Abdslam fannach (talkcontribs)

hello my frien i'm abdslam and from morocoo

Idriss baladi (talkcontribs)


Idriss baladi (talkcontribs)

hello my frien i'm idriss and from morocoo

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Xevo (talkcontribs)

The announcement message for 1.23.13 includes a patch link to the 1.23.12 version:

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