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I be bawolff. Also known as Brian Wolff. When I worked at WMF I was User:BWolff (WMF)

I am a MediaWiki developer. I primarily contribute to backend related things in core Mediawiki. I am also the current maintainer of some extensions, such as: Extension:DynamicPageList (Wikimedia), Extension:SubpageSortkey, Extension:PageInCat, Extension:PreviewFunctions, Extension:NoCat, Extension:GoogleNewsSitemap (Think RSS version of DPL), extension:QuickInstantCommons and Extension:CategorySortHeaders. In general I like to fix interesting bugs that I hear about wherever they may be.

I have an interest in information security, and used to work on the WMF security team. There's a list of security vulnerabilities I have found at [1].

My home Wikimedia project was originally EN Wikinews, however now I spend almost all of my time doing MediaWiki related things.

I often hang out in the #mediawiki irc channel (among other channels) on libera chat using the nick bawolff. Feel free to talk to me! If for some reason you wanted to email me, you can do so at Special:EmailUser/Bawolff.

I used to work for the WMF, but I don't anymore. See meta:User:Bawolff for more details. I previously worked for a MediaWiki consulting company called WikiTeq. I still occasionally do consulting work now and then. Some of the edits I make from this account are as part of my job. Any opinions I express are my own.



  • Make a git lg alias to ignore bots: git config --global alias.lg 'log --perl-regexp --author='\^((?!Translation updater bot|libraryupgrader).*)$'\'