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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • May 31 (Thrusday): Željko (Holidays in Croatia - Corpus Christi)
  • June 1 (Friday): Željko vacation (git merge holiday weeked)
  • June 19: WMF Monthly Holiday
  • July 4: US Holiday
  • August 15: WMF Monthly Holiday
  • Middle of August...a few days somewhere - thcipriani

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:
  • May 21 - wmf.5 - Mukunda
  • May 28 - wmf.6 - Tyler
  • June 4 - wmf.7 - Tyler <-----
  • June 11 - wmf.8 - ???
  • June 18 - wmf.9 - no train, SRE summit
  • June 25 - wmf.10 - Mukunda
  • July 2 - wmf.11 - Mukunda


  • May 21 - Chad
  • May 28 - Mukunda
  • June 4 - Mukunda <-----
  • June 11 - Tyler
  • June 18 - Tyler
  • June 25 - ???
  • July 2 - ???

Team Business[edit]


  • Chad :(
  • Train/SoS rotation proposal while we're down a person:
    • Train: Include Antoine/Zeljko into the rotation and move the train deployment time to a EU-friendly time during those weeks
    • something else.. ?
    • DECIDED: spread the pain across all (Antoine, Dan, Mukunda, Tyler, Zeljko, with JR after the first rotation)
    • DECIDED: for weeks when it's EU people doing it we'll move the train window to a EU-centric time slot
    • ACTION: Tyler to setup a branch cut hangout for this week's train (eg: tomorrow)

Offsite notes and action items[edit]

Data Data Data[edit]

  • Talk with Analytics - JR
  • Talk with CE/Bitergia - JR
  • Explore Bitergia - JR
  • Identify data sources we want to collect - RelEng (who know what systems)
  • Erik Bernhardson / Guillaume Lederrey
    • After we get our list of data sources talk to them


  • TODO: Tyler reasses scap swat in mw-config from Mukunda
  • Look into parsing scap messages for known patterns and pulling out the data
  • Look into enabling scap start/done
  • Look into recording if mwdebug was used during the deploy (eg: 'scap stage')
  • H/Now will we get time for this?
  • Have Mukunda do a couple weeks of SWATs
    • Mukunda has a lot to say about this subject.... writeup incoming

TODO tl;dr: Tyler taskify the above and talk to Mukunda


  • Greg to talk with Deb about what to do next with talking to Victoria
    • Done
  • Greg to figure out how we can better market what we are accomplishing (eg "monthly showcase")
    • TODO
  • Get a k8s cluster from SRE for CI to deploy to.
    • Dan/Tyler discuss later today
      • potentially poke/get a commitment on a timeline soon

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Greg to copy to etherpad after meeting:

This week[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Heads up: There will be more people in the normal MW Train deployment rotation (namely: Antoine, Zeljko, and Dan to start)
    • Heads up: There is a new primary deployment host, deploy1001.eqiad.wmnet (tin is gone)
    • Reminder: just use deployment.eqiad.wmnet for ssh
  • Quarterly cross-dependencies

Last week[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]

Train status and happenings[edit]

Past week status updates[edit]

All of it in table form:

Quaterly Goals for Q4[edit]

Program 1: Outcome 5: Objective 1: Maintain existing shared Continuous Integration infrastructure[edit]

Migrate away from Nodepool - task T190097
Migrate MediaWiki PHPUnit tests to Shipyard (docker-based CI) (~40% of Nodepool usage) - task T183512
Add Composer support to Blubber - task T186547
Add Python/Tox support to Blubber - task T186545
Add Ruby/Gem/Bundler/Rake support to Blubber - task T188950

Program 3: Outcome 1: Objective 2: Identify and find stewards for high-priority/high use code segment orphans[edit]

Broad role out of Code Stewardship model.
Update Maintainers/Developers page with currently known Code Stewards.
Use Code Stewardship review process to address gaps.
Deploy dashboard of Code Stewardship Coverage
  • No activity

Program 3: Outcome2: Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation[edit]

Roll out of technical debt reduction approaches.
Identify early adopter engineering teams to test approaches.
  • Tech Debt engagement kickoff meeting with Platform
  • Tech Debt engagement kickoff meeting with Search Platform

Program 6: Outcome 2: Objective 2: Prove viability of testing staged service containers alongside MediaWiki extension containers[edit]

Add Composer support to Blubber - task T186547
Small, standalone, MediaWiki containers built using Blubber
Limited scope with: Debian Stretch, php7, composer dependencies, Mariadb, Apache (or last two with standalone containers)
Build MW base containers upon branch cut at master branch point from core
Build ext specific containers using MW image as base

Quaterly non-goal "Work"[edit]

Program 1: Outcome 1: Objective 1: Scap (Tech Debt Sprint FY201718-Q2)[edit]


Program 1: Outcome 5: Objective 1: Maintain existing shared Continuous Integration infrastructure[edit]

Program 1: Outcome 6: Milestone 1: Maintain Gerrit[edit]

Program 1: Outcome 6: Milestone 2: Maintain Phabricator[edit]

Streamline logspam workflows by adding some integration with phabricator
Store git-lfs (and other phab uploads) in swift: task T182085

Other work[edit]

  • Staging Environment
    • Sent out Beta Cluster survey. 33 responses so far.



  • What I plan to do this week
    • Wikibase does not play well with Quibble
    • Experimental job for gated extensions and maybe migrate them
    • Catch up with train deploy
  • What I'm blocked on
    • Lot of extensions fails due to random reason
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Continue experimenting with composer and MW extensions
      • It's hella slow and can't recurse when used with git repos
    • Seeing whether Satis might be utilized to keep a private MW composer repo up to date
      • Maybe update it from git repo periodically but it also supports partial updates given a specific package name and repo url (so, a CI job could update it after a merge to MW ext repo)
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • OMG Annual Reviews and such
    • Hiring Follow-up with Recruiting
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Follow up with Q3 stewardship review newly assigned stewards re progress with plans.
    • Dig into Platform tech debt - followup to engagement kickoff meeting.
    • Search Platform tech debt - prioritizing approach for them.
    • Follow-up on "Data,Data,Data" tasks from offsite.
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • Train (meetings for train)
    • Discuss ways to move-forward/unblock P6O2O2
    • Help moving deployment-deploy01
    • Peer review writing time
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I plan to do this week
    • T195496 mediawiki-core-qunit-selenium-jessie sometimes fails for extensions
    • T194252 Configure the CI job that runs WikibaseLexeme's browser tests against beta wikidata
    • T167432 Run Wikibase daily browser tests on Jenkins
  • What I'm blocked on
    • T196374 language-screenshots-VisualEditor fails with `stderr: warning: failed to remove cache`
  • Other?


Team Kanban Board Review and Triage[edit]

Once / month-ish review of backlog(s)[edit]

Kanban stats[edit]

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