Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201718Q4

Q3 Wikimedia Release Engineering Goals
FY201718Q4 (April - June)

#releng-201718-q4 (Phabricator project) -- All Technology team Q4 goals: Wikimedia_Technology/Goals/2017-18_Q4

Annual Program/Outcome Objective Quarterly Work Tech Goal Dependency Team members ETA Status
Program 1: Availability, performance, and maintenance

Outcome 5: We have effective and easy-to-use testing infrastructure and tooling for developers.

Objective 1:  Maintain existing shared Continuous Integration infrastructure Migrate away from Nodepool - task T190097
  • Migrate MediaWiki PHPUnit tests to Shipyard (docker-based CI) (~40% of Nodepool usage) - task T183512
  • Add Composer support to Blubber - task T186547
  • Add Python/Tox support to Blubber - task T186545
  • Add Ruby/Gem/Bundler/Rake support to Blubber - task T188950
B: For others
  • SRE
  • WMCS
  • Lead: Antoine
  • Dan
  • Tyler
Program 3: Tech Debt (aka Code Health)

Outcome 1: The amount of orphaned code that is running Wikimedia “production” services is reduced.

Objective 2: Identify and find stewards for high-priority/high use code segment orphans - task T174091 Broad role out of Code Stewardship model.
  • Update Maintainers/Developers page with currently known Code Stewards.
  • Use Code Stewardship review process to address gaps.
  • Deploy dashboard of Code Stewardship Coverage
C: Tech Debt
  • All engineering teams
Lead: JR EOQ
Program 3: Tech Debt

Outcome 2: Organizational technical debt is reduced.

Objective 2: Define and implement a process to regularly address technical debt across the Foundation Roll out of technical debt reduction approaches.
  • Identify early adopter engineering teams to test approaches.
C: Tech Debt
  • Select group of engineering teams
Lead: JR EOQ
Program 6: Streamlined service delivery

Outcome 2: Developers are able to develop and test their applications through a unified pipeline towards production deployment.

Objective 2: Prove viability of testing staged service containers alongside MediaWiki extension containers
  • Add Composer support to Blubber - task T186547
  • Small, standalone, MediaWiki containers built using Blubber
    • Limited scope with: Debian Stretch, php7, composer dependencies, Mariadb, Apache (or last two with standalone containers)
  • Build MW base containers upon branch cut at master branch point from core
  • Build ext specific containers using MW image as base
C: Tech Debt

D. Improve our own feature set

  • Lead: Tyler
  • Antoine
  • Dan