Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Time off


I want to take time off, what do I do?[edit]

  1. Put it in the weekly team meeting etherpad in the "Vacations/Confs/etc" section.
    1. Please do this as soon as you know/are sure of the time off.
    2. This helps us make sure we have effective coverage for our services (or at least we know what we're getting ourselves into).
  2. Put it in Google Calendar (so we don't schedule meetings with you).
    1. Set it to an "All day" event.
    2. But change the "Show you as" to "Busy" (from "Available").
    3. Have it repeat for the length of your vacation.
  3. Put it in the Phabricator calendar:
    1. This shows you're not available via a red dot next to your username everywhere (Maniphest, Differential, etc).
    2. Don't forget to add Release-Engineering-Team tag to the event.
  4. Put it in Namely. (non safeguard).
    1. how.

Safeguard employees should also notify their local Safeguard representative following the process specified by them. This may vary depending on in-country partner of Safeguard. If unsure, talk to your manager first informally, then send email to your manager, Safeguard (or their partner), with a cc to Your manager will reply with conformation and Safeguard will track it.