Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150113



Guest: Antoine's daughter

Team Business[edit]

  • Computer History Museum on Saturday the 24th, 9:30am pickup time from hotel probably
  • Zuul/Gerrit aren't talking again, needs a restart
    • Someone help Chris with his ssh config :)

Team Workboard[edit]

  • Met with Arthur about team practices/process stuff. Arthur suggest a "value stream map". I did this as at least a start: Edit at will, and I'll show Arthur soon.

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

  • Nothing outstanding

Browser tests[edit]

Continuous Integration[edit] Zuul deadlocks from time to time due to Gerrit not answering when Zuul report a comment and Zuul has no timeout

  • YuviPanda has been very active:
  • Labs DNS issue fixed (all DNS entries had a 0 TTL disabling DNS caching entirely => mass queries => server overloaded => DNS failing).
  • text / mobile caches transiently broken last week (vagrant issue)




  • Željko at Test Automation Bazaar conference (Austin, Texas) January 14-19
  • Jan 19th: MLK Day (US)
  • Jan 20th - 27th: All Hands/Tech Days
    • Antoine flying on Jan 19th. Rest on Friday Jan 30th. Relocating (same building though) around Feb 14th.
  • Željko at FOSDEM conference (Brussels, Belgium) January 30-February 2
  • May: Hackathon in Lyon, France
    • Lyon used to be the capital of the area a long time ago. Nice old city, lot of great food, reasonably sunny/hot.