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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it:

  • Jan 29- Feb 1st - FOSDEM - Antoine. Travel Friday afternoon, back monday Noon (CET)
  • Feb 3rd - core narrative annual plan due
  • Feb 15: US HOLIDAY - President's Day
  • March 4th - strategic narrative annual plan due
  • March 11th - draft Q4 (April 1st - June 30th) goals due
  • March 31st - April 3rd : Hackathon in Israel
  • April 1st - Q4 goals published
  • May 9-Mid June-ish?: Greg - paternity leave - exact dates TBD
  • May 17-(?): Dan - paternity leave :D
  • Late May - draft Q1 (July 1st - Sept 30th) due
  • May 30: US HOLIDAY - Memorial Day
  • June (mid): Chad - EDC
  • June 22nd - 28th : Wikimania in Italy
  • July 1st - Q1 goals published
  • July 1st – Annual Plan, Budget, Risks Document and FAQ are posted
  • August: France holiday - because french. :)
  • January 2017 : Dev Summit + All Hands (presumably)

Team Business[edit]

=== Actions from last meeting ===
  • TODO - No One Yet: investigate carbon aggregation of stats >1 month old behavior
    • ACTION: Antoine to create a task
      • Overdue


New vs Maint time spent[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

Other Team Business[edit]

Hackathon attendance[edit]

Who wants to go?

  • Antoine: no
  • Chad: no
  • Dan: no
  • Greg: no
  • Mukunda:no
  • Tyler: no
  • Zeljko: no

Trains shift first week of Febuary[edit]

Can we move them one hour later? Antoine would like to pair deploy it and level up :-} Ie:

Tuesday, February 02 MediaWiki Wednesday, February 03 Thursday, February 04

Would like to shift by an hour ie:

   11:00–13:00 PST --> 12:00 - 14:00 PST
   Or 21:00 -> 23:00 CET

Outcome: Agreed.

Idea: Grafana Deployment dashboard[edit]

  • Something that keeps track of salient stats in grafana
  • Often don't need the detail that logstash provides while deploying (post-deploy/problem determination: sure; while deploying: is shit blowing up?)
  • Something like HTTP error rate + Mediawiki errors. Annotate with sync-wikiversions, something like that

Annual Planning[edit]

Spreadsheet (team only) -

Past ideas and things:

To discuss: How to go about this team planning.

Planning etherpad (for any notes we want to create on this):


Q3 goal/project check-in[edit]

Reduce CI Wait time[edit]


Consolidate deploy tools[edit]

Migrate MediaWiki to scap3 - task T114313
Q2 Quarterly Goal hold over: Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3 -

Differential Migration[edit]
Integrate Differential with our Continuous Integration infrastructure - task T31
Shepherd the RFC - task T119908
Discuss at WikiDev16 - task T114320
Garner early adopter projects (goal: 1 project per WMF "team")

Other Work[edit]