Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20151214




How to do it:

  • Dec 14-Jan 1: Greg - vacation (3 weeks, will be checking email)
  • Dec 14: Mukunda sick
  • Dec 22-29: Chad - Christmas (will be reachable by e-mail, will have laptop in case of emergencies)
  • Dec 23–25: Tyler — Hopeful, probable, Christmas in Kansas!
  • Dec 24-Jan 3: Dan - Holidays
  • Dec 24-30: Antoine - Holidays (bringing laptop - ring phone as needed)
  • Dec 24: mukunda - holiday
  • Dec 25: US HOLIDAY - Christmas Day - December 25
  • Dec 28: mukunda - holiday
  • Dec 31: mukunda - holiday
  • Dec 24-25: Željko - holidays
  • Dec 31-Jan 1: Željko - holidays
  • Jan 1: US HOLIDAY - New Year's Day
  • Jan 4 - 8: WikiDev16 + All Hands
  • Jan 16-18: Chad - another music festival
  • Jan 18: US HOLIDAY - Martin Luther King Day
  • Feb 15: US HOLIDAY - President's Day
  • May 17-(?): Dan - paternity leave :D
    • PO Box for pastries? - Antoine
  • May 30: US HOLIDAY - Memorial Day
  • June-ish: Chad - EDC
  • August: France holiday - because french. :)

Team Business[edit]

Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • TODO - No One Yet: investigate carbon aggregation of stats >1 month old behavior
    • ACTION: Antoine to create a task



Q3 Goals[edit]
  • Goals timeline:
    • December 3: Group goal scoped and drafted on for Technology team.
    • December 10: Group goal + all individual team *drafts completed* on; discuss at Infra+Tech group and identify dependencies.
    • December 17: individual team goals + group goal *finalized* on; discuss at Monthly Eng Staff.
  • "Migrate Jenkins to Jessie"
    • Needs a task for it (please add to the wiki page)
    • commitment from those in our team who will help
  • Dan will be in the Technology Group meetings and can communicate anything needed to/from them re-goals (or anything else)


New vs Maint time spent[edit]


Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

Project Updates[edit]

CI Scaling[edit]
Quarterly Goal: "CI cluster responds to spike in queued builds by starting and registering additional jenkins slaves" -
  • TMPDIR can not be deleted by jenkins-deploy user because they are owned by www-data

Deployment Tooling / Scap3[edit]

Quarterly Goal: "Migrate all Service team owned services and MW deploys to scap3" -
  • Working with Marko to try to update service::node, deploy for lots of services
  • restructuring continues
  • Scap context patch is ready for final review, no longer a WIP

Diff[usion|erential] migration[edit]
Quarterly Goal:
  • gitblit redirection in progress, couple more patches in flight.

Other Work[edit]

  • Experimented with Appium support in MW-Selenium a little bit
    • Slow as hell but works

Precise phase out[edit]

  • "Migrate Jenkins to Jessie"
    • Needs a task for it (please add to the wiki page)
    • commitment from those in our team who will help
  • vary between PHP Versions. Required to migrate Jenkins jobs to Jessie/Nodepool
    • 5.3 (old mw)
    • 5.5
    • HHVM
  • When Zend is out of prod, no more need to run Zend jobs in CI for wmf branches \O/
  • almost finished with migration of repositories to mediawiki_selenium 1.x (T94083), the only one left is CirrusSearch (T99653)
    • Need Android back for VE, tag a new mediawiki_selenium and bump VE?