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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • 3 Nov (Election Day): US staff with reqs
  • 6 Nov: Mukunda vacation day
  • 11 Nov (Veterans day): US staff with reqs
  • 11-13 Nov: extra holiday for everyone
  • 23-25 Nov: Mukunda - make it a week?
  • 25 Nov: Greg - extra day to get ready for turkey day
  • 26-27 Nov (Thanksgiving): US staff with reqs, and also Lars
  • 24-31 Dec (Holidays + New years): US staff with reqs
    • 24th is Thursday -- what do with train? + Pause for banners -- 2 weeks no train resume 4 Jan
    • 24 Dec until Jan 6, inclusive: Lars out

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

  • 16 Nov - wmf.18 - Ahmon + Antoine
  • 23 Nov - ??? - Thanksgiving Thurs/Fri
  • 30 Nov - wmf.20 - Antoine + Mukunda
  • 7 Dec - wmf.21 - Mukunda + Dan
  • 14 Dec - wmf.22 - Dan + Jeena
  • 21 Dec - ???
  • 28 Dec - No Train
  • 4 Jan - wmf.25 - Jeena + Lars
    • NB: Lars is back from holiday on Thursday Jan 7



  • 2019-08-14 onwards: Zeljko 🎸 🎷 \o/
  • 2020-08-26 onwards: Deb is in charge/SoS is async
  • 2020-11-25: Brennen



Team Business[edit]

Incoming/Needs attention[edit]

  • Open Enrollment Reminder: If you need to make changes or enroll in a pre-tax account, open enrollment will take place from Monday, November 9 - Friday, November 20.
  • The Wikimedia Foundation is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation member

organization. For the upcoming KubeCon NA 2020 event (2020-11-17 through 2020-11-20), the CNCF has decided to give all member organizations unlimited event tickets

  • ITC Manager feedback

Book club/Lunch and Learn[edit]

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - Oct '20 edition[edit]
Add as you have them!

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - Nov '20 edition[edit]
Add as you have them!


Our Workboards[edit]

TODO Triage![edit]


Last week[edit]

Thinking about automated deployments and error monitoring. This week:

   train duty
   modifying logspam to report errors within the last N minutes.
  • Best thing
  • days off
  • some rain
  • Worst thing
    • N/A

What's on your workboard =[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Gerrit Grafana dashboards https://gra
      • We now collect Gerrit internal metrics using Prometheus
      • I have learned about Prometheus metrics
  • Worst thing
    • Files on commons were not showing on Thursday. Hotfixed thanks to Timo / SRE.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • How little of last week there was.
  • Worst thing
    • Masonry, homeownership.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Experimented with MW image builds using buildkit and got something funky working. Needs feedback/analysis.
    • We have a new Horizon project called pipelinelib-experimental.
  • Worst thing
    • Cutthroat nannyshare shinshenanigansanigans (<- sure). (No child care ATM.)

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Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
  • Worst thing

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Got my new glasses: you're all tiny again
    • Time off was lovely, got much sleeping done
    • Ahmon made train-dev faster (less l10n), and I'm making progress on my final OKR, finally
  • Worst thing
    • Lost my glasses: you all had to become huge
    • Formerly super-secret hobby project wasn't finished in a five-day weekend
    • Daylight has been stolen

Well, darkness makes you think of that
Which wouldn't otherwise be remembered at all
Now I remember how much I wanted to do
And how little of it I achieved

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Worst thing
    • Nothing really
  • Best thing
    • I was on vacation.
    • Did some work on my side project and bought a tractor.

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Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • My office is so fresh and so clean (clean).
  • Worst thing

What's on your workboard[edit]



Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
  • Worst thing

What's on your workboard[edit]

What's on no-one's workboard[edit]