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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • June 24 - Željko, vacation
  • June 25 - Željko, Statehood Day
  • July 2 - Greg's birthday, unsure if taking off, already have one meeting
  • July 4 (US Independence Day) - US Staff
  • July 5 - thcipriani vacation
  • July 5 - Lars off (swapping with weekend)
  • July 10 - Lars off (swapping with weekend)
  • July 22 - August 9 - Željko vacation
  • August 7–19 - James off (inc. Wikimania)
  • August 12 - September 8 - Dan leave
  • August 12 (Glorious Twelfth) - US Staff
  • August ??? - ??? - Antoine
  • August 14–18 - Wikimania
    • Attending: James, Lars, Jean-Rene
  • August 15 - Željko, Assumption of Mary
  • August 25 - September 4 - Brennen vacation
  • September 2 (Labor Day) - US Staff
  • October 14 (Indigenous Peoples' Day) - US Staff
  • November 11 (Veterans' Day) - US Staff
  • November 28–29 (Thanksgiving) - US Staff
  • December 6 - Lars, Finnish Independence Day
  • December 25–31 (Christmas) - US Staff
  • December 25–26 - Lars, Christmas
  • 2020 January 1 (New Year's Day) - US Staff, Lars

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:
  • June 10 - wmf.9 - No Train (SRE Summit)
  • June 17 - wmf.10 - Mukunda (but Juneteenth on the Wednesday? Yes. Do group0 and group1 an hour apart on Tuesday)
  • June 24 - wmf.11 - Jeena (with Mukunda)
  • July 1 - wmf.12 - No train (Fourth of July)
  • July 8 - wmf.13 - Jeena
  • July 15 - wmf.14 - Lars (with Antoine)
  • July 22 - wmf.15 - Lars
  • July 29 - wmf.16 - Brennen (with Tyler)
  • Aug 5 - wmf.17 - Brennen
  • Aug 12 - wmf.18 - No Train (Wikimania)
  • Aug 19 - wmf.19 - Zeljko 😱
  • Aug 26 - wmf.20 - Zeljko 😭


  • Zeljko 4eva! :)

Team Business[edit]

Timespent spreadsheet[edit]

For the avoidance of doubt: fill out the sheet week number for the previous week

Book club[edit]

Fall Offsite + TechConf19[edit]

  • Decided: 1 long trip, offsite after TechConf
    • dates? 2019-11-1{6,7}--2019-11-21..ish

Annual Planning[edit]

Changes to the meeting[edit]

  • Turn into more of a real stand-up (see new section: What I did last week) so that we can answer most of the other questions (e.g. what is the team blocked on?) from those individual updates.
  • Might also move this meeting to not be on Monday, e.g. Thursday/Friday so the accuracy of "what I did this week" will be much higher.
  • Annual plan/etc. discussions will move into one-off meetings rather than crashing the stand-up.
  • Engineering Productivity won't meet as a whole each week. Sub-team meetings will continue (for RelEng and Performance) and be set up (for Q&T) :-) Annual planning managed by managers.
  • SoS managed somehow?

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - May '19 edition[edit]
Add as you have them!

Incoming/Needs attention[edit]

  • REL1_33 branching for extensions:
    • Reedy said he'll move forward with rc0 announcement soon.
    • Mukunda tried to run the script but it ran into trouble. Will re-try, manually.
    • Switching on HTTP Auth again still seems blocked. Barricade should help with this; review when Tyler gets back.
    • Update 2019-06-03: Fighting fires last; should be able to do this week.
    • Update 2019-06-10: Done with a quick hack by Reedy; do we need to fix the script for next time?
      • http auth patches merged in upstream, next week is the earliest it'll be released
    • Update 2019-06-17: Gerrit 2.15.14 is out, need to build and release, hopefully this week

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Incoming from last week[edit]

Outgoing this week (wrong section heading level is on purpose for copy/pasting into Scrum of Scrums etherpad[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]


Train status and happenings[edit]
  • New filtered fatal monitor dashboard including markers for scap deployments:
  • Need to fix scap clean :\
    • thcipriani has a crappy fix in mind until http tokens in gerrit are back
      • Any idea when HTTP tokens will come back? Weeks? Months? Never? :-(
      • ~Weeks
    • 2019-05-06: cleaned up stuff last week on deploy hosts, just not the gerrit branches
    • 2019-05-13: …
    • 2019-06-03: upstream issues/patches we want resolved before doing this
    • 2019-06-10: upstream cutting new version with security fixes (hopefully) end of week, ETA early next week
    • 2019-06-17: gerrit 2.15.14 is out, need to build and release, hopefully this week
    • 2019-06-24: gerrit upgrade 19:00 UTC today, announce going out after

Quarterly Goals for Q4[edit]

TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1[edit]

GOAL: Undeploy the CodeReview extension.
WHO: James, need help from CPT
  • James will ping CPT about this this week (April 8th)
    • … and again w/c 15 April.
    • … and again w/c 6 May (in SoS).
    • … and again w/c 27 May (in SoS).
    • [Recurring item]

TEC1 (Maint): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1[edit]

GOAL: Setup 1-3 of the CI WG options (Zuul v3, Argo, GitLab)
WHO: Lars
  • Gitlab:
    • is up and accepts registrations with (and email addresses
    • Please play with it and tell Lars anything that seems iffy

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2[edit]

GOAL: Instrument Quibble for data collection
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine
  • Blocked

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2[edit]

GOAL: Create a graph where time is spent and make a prioritized list for improvements.
WHO: Mukunda, Antoine
  • Blocked

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 1 / Output 1.2[edit]

GOAL: Prepare the Deployment Pipeline for changes to our CI tooling.
WHO: ???, ???
  • Blocked by not having new CI tooling yet

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1[edit]

GOAL: Create a .pipeline/config.yaml standard to give users more control over how their tests are run in the pipeline and allow the easy saving of artifacts at pipeline completion. (RelEng)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, ???

Yes Done

TEC3 (Pipeline): Outcome 3 / Output 3.1[edit]

Adopt more services into Deployment pipeline - task T212801
Wikidata Termbox SSR, Kask for Session Storage Service, cpjobqueue (stretch), ORES (stretch)
WHO: Dan, Tyler, Lars

There are tasks:

  • Wikidata Termbox SSR
    • Yes Done
  • Kask for Session Storage Service
    • Yes Done
  • cpjobqueue (stretch)
    • N Not done -> later

TEC12 (DevProd): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1[edit]

GOAL: Provide an "Official" Docker base image for local development of MediaWiki based on the production tooling.
WHO: Jeena, Brennen
  • Done for MediaWiki, for some values of "done" and "MediaWiki". Production-likeness needs considerable work.

TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Output 3[edit]

GOALs: Presentation/session(s) at the Wikimedia Hackathon on the current state of Code Health projects (technical debt and code stewardship)

Yes Done

TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 1 / Output 1.1[edit]

Publish a re-imagination of the Review Queue process.
Develop and implement metrics around task and code-review responsiveness
WHO: Greg, JR (and Andre)
  • Review Queue
    • Blocked on Greg time
  • Task and code-review responsiveness metrics
    • No progress

= TEC13 (Code Health): Outcome 4 / Output 4.2[edit]

Expand SonarQube reporting into CI infrastructure
Perform SonarQube analysis on all extensions
Engage user communities in direct feedback solicitation
WHO: JR, Zeljko, Code Health Metrics

Other non-goal work[edit]

Release MW 1.33[edit]

  • Handed off to Reedy along with security releases.



  • 2.15.14 deploy



QA/Code Health[edit]





  • What I did last week
    • trigger agent stuff merged
    • Discussion about local dev interface, starting messing with golang
    • Merged docker-installation removal
    • Read about dependency resolution
    • Tested some minor local-charts changes
    • Paired on pipeline validation with Tyler, began getting head around pipelinelib
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Turn pipeline stage steps into objects with run()/validate() methods
    • Discussion with tech writer?
    • Prepare something useful for Docker SIG on Thursday / advertise its continued existence
    • Read chapter 12
    • Take better notes
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Security council meeting kickoff
    • Met new Test Engineer for Language
    • CTO candidate Meet and Greet (more this week)
    • EngProd management thinking/planning
    • TechConf19 PC nominations
    • Phabricator workboard skeleton creation for the future
  • What I plan to do this week
    • CTO candidate meet and greets
    • DockerSIG
    • Internal Comms discussion
    • EngProd management planning
    • Phabricator workboard massaging/triaging with the new skeleton/framework
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • got Code Review WG kickoff setup
    • continued reviews of Code Stewardship requests.
      • started drafting up statement re: Code Stewardship of Betacuster (after chat with Tyler)
    • CTO Cadidates M/G
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Quality and Test Engineering team planning/kickoff
    • more Code Stewardship work
    • Extending Code Health pipeline to 3 extensions (MobileFrontend, Minerva, and Popups)
    • CTO Cadidates M/G
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Read book
    • bug fix for local-charts
    • deployment-charts migration work/discussion
    • meet and greet thing
    • Some other stuff I can't remember
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Train train
    • choo choo
    • meet and greet
    • Learn about beta environment?
  • What I'm blocked on
    • Waiting for someone in SRE to take a look at my deployment-charts work
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Worked on v2 of CI arch doc, incorporating a lot of feedback
    • Arranged travel for Wikimania
    • Read annual plan parts relevant for RelEng and updated my goals for Q1
    • Reviewed new Acceptable Use Policy, made sure my personal devices have no access, excepto calendar and IRC
    • Participated in a meet & greet with CTO candidate Scott Noteboom
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Finish reading ch 13, attend book club
    • Finish v2 of CI arch doc
    • Plan (and document) CI arch implementation around GitLab
    • Attend meet & greets with the two other CTO candidates
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?
    • I like the what-I-did-last-week part



  • What I did last week
    • Planned
      • Prep Gerrit 2.15.14 release, N Not done deploy Gerrit 2.15.14
      • N Not done Remove barricade v2 lucene dependency (with dcausse)
      • N Not done Finish Blubberoid policy file work
      • get up-to-date on the lib/extension dependency work -- meeting didn't happen, but I know the background, I think
    • Other work
      • Started work on .pipeline/config.yaml validation -- crammed things into my brain with brennen
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
    • scap 3.10.0-1
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


Team Kanban Board Review and Triage[edit]

Once / month-ish review of backlog(s)[edit]

Kanban stats[edit]

Burnup chart