Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150721



Team Business[edit]

  • Quarterly Review
  • Interaction with Andre K
    • poking filers of old bugs useful
    • Close forgotten tasks after patches got merged
  • Wikimania

Pairing (#together) / Weekly Triages[edit]

  • #wikimania
  • deploy systems triage moving to Wednesday
  • log-errors board cleanup (thanks chad/antoine!)
    • no chad for triage this thurs

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

Beta Cluster[edit]
  • Puppet master: time to migrate to Trusty!
    • Save cherry picked patches
    • Delete instance, recreate one with same name (integration-puppetmaster), being bigger and running Trusty
    • Run puppet on all instances via salt to request new cert
    • Wait for puppet autosigner to kick in
    • Profit \O/

Deployment Cabal[edit]

Isolated CI instances[edit]
Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
  • andrew is on vacation this week
  • setup $eh? on nodepool instance
  • use own puppet manifests


  • not much new upstream

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)[edit]

  • Testing: Where does it hurt? discussion/workshop next Monday @ 9am Pacific
    • It's on the Staff calendar but will announce on engineering-l following this meeting
      • yay
  • Browser/integration test JJB job working well
    • Publicized this at Wikimania Hackathon
      • yay

Other Work[edit]


Please add your time off to your gcal and ADP, as appropriate

  • Andrew Bogott: July 18-27, mostly unreachable
  • Greg: July 24th, half day (second half)
  • Chad: July 23-27 (Thur-Mon), reachable by e-mail
  • Antoine: Aug 1st - 23rd (3 weeks!)
  • Dan: July 30-31 (reachable by gchat/phone/email)