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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it:

  • Greg's parental leave plan, visually:
  • June 15-24: Chad - Vegas
  • June 20-28 : Wikimania in Italy (Zeljko)
  • July 1st - Q1 goals published
  • July 1st – Annual Plan, Budget, Risks Document and FAQ are posted
  • July 25 - August 16 - Željko vacation
  • August: Antoine - France holiday - because french. :)
    • ???Specific dates???
  • August 1st - 5th: Mukunda - vacation: Concert & relaxation
  • August 22-September 9: Dan - paternity leave part deux
  • January 2017 : Dev Summit + All Hands (presumably)

Team Business[edit]

Rotating positions[edit]

Train conductor[edit]

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

Week of ...

  • May 30th: Tyler.
  • June 6th: 1.28.0-wmf.5 Tyler.
  • June 13th: 1.28.0-wmf.6 Chad'll do Tuesday, Antoine Wed/Thurs
  • June 20th: 1.28.0-wmf.7 Antoine-only.
  • June 28th:

Scrum of Scrums representative[edit]

(bad time for EU folks) Dan, Tyler, Chad, Mukunda

Week of ...

  • May 30: Chad
  • June 6: Chad
  • June 13: Mukunda
  • June 20: Mukunda

Time spent spreadsheet[edit]

Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • ACTION: Greg to create Doodle or something timing of the offsite

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

This week:

Other Team Business[edit]

  • can we find a set of things that a contractor would be a useful investment in?
    • calendar stuffs for code-review/deployments/etc???
    • build out deplpoyment dashboard
      • where are we in the deploy cycle, where things are, etc
      • see also: bryan's labs project
      • see also: the various tasks...
      • TODO: medium term: Flesh out/outline/scope this project in one place
  • Team Offsite Planning:
    • Greg made tasks for location and timing. Parent task: task T134830

CI point person[edit]

  • Gallium
    • Atoine is updating documents on options
    • concensus-ish: moving things to scandium (ie: not moving everything to labs)
    • immediate next steps:
      • Everyone get in contint-roots
      • get scandium setup as 1:1 replacement for gallium
        • puppetize unpuppetized parts, of course
        • later talk about separating out the services onto other machines (vms or not)
    • TODO: Tyler writes up the plan of action as it is now

Q4 goal/project check-in[edit]

Consolidate deploy tools / Train 2.0[edit]

Migrate remaining services to scap3
Services Team owned services and MW - task T109926
All other services - task T129290
  • graphoid should go this week
  • tileator was stuck last week, now addressed (but unmerged)
  • a couple things moved around post-SoS
  • shifting priorities preemptively towards scap (pre-deploy-ish checks etc from the fallout...)
  • not a ton of time/movement this week (due to gallium + CI+Differential integration)

Differential Migration[edit]

All tasks tagged for this quarter:
Initial documentation of example Differential workflows (with Gerrit equivalents) - task T117058
Phase 1 repository migration - task T130418
Migrate wikimedia-iegreview to Differential - task T132174
Migrate wikimedia-wikimania-scholarships to Differential - task T132173
Spec out needed glue for Differential to Gearman to Nodepool - task T130949
looks like this isn't needed, we can use the rest api.
Most/All of the jenkins jobs are unfortunately zuul-specific. I'm trying to fabricate the ZUUL_* parameters well enough to make them work.
Almost works:


Evaluate available JavaScript end-to-end testing frameworks. - task T108874
Prototype new JS framework. - task T131121
Send out user satisfaction survey. - task T131123
  • Reached out to javascript people, waiting for reply when are they available this week.
  • Will sent user satisfaction survey this week. - task T131123
    • next step: create the google docs form
  • prototype status? duh, check the workboard

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]

CI Scaling/Nodepool[edit]

  • #REDIRECT: Gallium work

Browser tests[edit]

- Firefox v47 breaks mediawiki_selenium

 - fixed by downgrading firefox to version 46 (thanks to Antoine)
 - another option is running tests in Chrome/Chromium
 - Željko will work on updating mediawiki_selenium so it works with firefox 47+

- Ownership of Selenium tests finished

 - #releng/Željko are owners of mediawiki/core
 - pdfhandler job deleted
 - the rest of the jobs have owners

Beta Cluster[edit]

People status updates[edit]


  • Gallium


  • MW
  • Dancing


  • Differential+CI


  • Gallium
  • Scap


  • selenium+Fx47
  • user satisfaction survey
  • unavailable (mostly) next week (Wikimania)
  • July 25th - August 16th