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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • Feb 28: Dan out
  • March 13: Monthly day off
  • March 23-28: Chad in Miami
  • March 30, 31: Tyler in Wichita
  • March 30-Apr 3: Greg in Berlin (Wikimedia Conference)
  • April 14: Monthly day off
  • May 15-18: Team Offsite in Vienna
  • May 19-21: EU Hackathon

Team Business[edit]

Time spent spreadsheet[edit]

Rotating positions and absences[edit]

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

Feb 6 and Feb 13[edit]

Feb 20 and Feb 27[edit]

  • Train: Chad
  • SoS: Mukunda
  • Out:
    • February 20: President's Day

Mar 6 and Mar 13[edit]

  • Train: Mukunda
  • SoS: Tyler
  • Out:
    • Mar 13th: Monthly day off

Actions from last meeting[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

This week[edit]

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates

Last week[edit]

Other Team Business[edit]

How do we update weekly deployment calendar? Is there any documentation?


Annual Planning[edit]

Team Strategy/Planning[edit]

Technology-wide planning[edit]
CollabJam slides:
Technology team goals:
  • Greg to give a brain dump of what happened at the CollabJam

Q3 goal/project check-in[edit]

Continuous Integration Infrastructure modernization[edit]

Gather requirements for new CI system - task T153270
  • Changes ready for Jenkins to be managed by systemd

Migrate MediaWiki deploys to scap3 (part 2 — This time, it's personal; A.K.A Scappy Strikes Back)[edit]

Build fanout support in scap3[edit]
  • Mukunda cut a new release -- lots of bugfixes
  • Some work around submodule space issues
  • Fix for awful sync-common happening too late issue in master, probably out this week


  • I've done a massive amount of work on the elasticsearch integration and it's getting close to merging upstream:
    • Learned a lot and got a lot of great feedback from Evan as usual.
    • Will be able to handle elasticsearch failover across data centers as well as load balancing between multiple search services.
  • Also making repositories searchable:
    • Previously only commits were easily searchable from the global search
    • This isn't new this week but I think I forgot to mention it previously

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]

Browser tests[edit]

  • T152963 Increase in failures caused by Saucelabs
    • Updated Rake task to support rerunning failed tests, testing in Jenkins.
  • T158074 Update Ruby tests to Selenium 3
    • Ruby gem released, sent patches to all repos, most of the update trivial, some repos need more work to update.
  • T139740 Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js
    • Wrote a timeline, including past, present and future.
    • Finally some feedback! Timo left some feedback about page objects, responded to it.

Beta Cluster[edit]

People status updates[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Jenkins systemd
  • rspec for puppet
  • fight to get autoload-dev from mw injected in vendor. Needed by wmde.

This week[edit]

  • composer autoloader breaks php 5.5 lint on mediawiki/vendor
    • Wikidata build is broken
    • gotta upgrade composer as well
  • Jenkins under systemd
  • Prepare to upgrade Jenkins on contint2001 (copy data, upgrade, see what happens)
  • as time allow:
    • migrate PHP 5.3 jobs to PHP 5.5
    • Think about getting more Jenkins instances (beta, one for browser tests, maybe tools-labs)


Last week[edit]

  • Gerrit
  • Train
  • FTP? (scap, really)

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Research build manifest standardization
  • Hack on scap fanout PoC for realsies

This week[edit]

  • Same same, but different


Last week[edit]

  • quality interviews
    • spoke to Erik B
  • investigate test results reporting
  • investigate coorelating escapes to test coverage

This week[edit]

  • quality interviews
  • investigate test results reporting
  • get development environment up and running


Last week[edit]

This week[edit]

  • Phabricator stuff
  • Scrum of scrums
  • keyholder blog post?
  • dust off the phab milestone scap plugin
    • look at making it update the deployment schedule (in addition to the deployment blocker tasks)


Last week[edit]

  • Blog post
  • Scap3 stuffz (POC? One bug for mediawiki deployments, testing infra)
  • CI POC

This week[edit]

  • Blog post, actually write it
  • Scap3 stuff, actually do it
    • Finish work on submodule space issue
    • New release? Possible this week.
  • CI stuff, find an outcome for it


Last week[edit]

  • T152963 Increase in failures caused by Saucelabs
  • T158074 Update Ruby tests to Selenium 3
  • T139740 Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js
  • T154894 Phase out jobs "pplint-HEAD" and "erblint-HEAD"
  • T158326 Move Rake and RuboCop dependency from repositories to mediawiki/selenium

This week[edit]

  • T152963 Increase in failures caused by Saucelabs
  • T158074 Update Ruby tests to Selenium 3
  • T139740 Port Selenium tests from Ruby to Node.js