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Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150623

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Team Business[edit]

Pairing (#together) / Weekly Triages[edit]

  • (Tyler/Antoine) Beta cluster. Lot of history discussion. "Untriaged" went from 15 down to 9.
  • (Dan) Could use help with MW-Vagrant code reviews (puppet skillz)
  • Chad&Mukunda pair on Phab "plugin" for git/gerrit redirection
  • Mukunda adding phabricator pairing session on Wed pre-Phab deploy (23:00 UTC-ish) (maybe 22:00-ish?)

Breaking down teh silos!

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Blocked on us: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/?statuses=open%28%29&projects=PHID-PROJ-arpazvuktn2l647rb6us#R

Beta Cluster[edit]


Deployment Cabal[edit]

Isolated CI instances[edit]

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T47499
  • (Antoine) Nodepool created and booted an instance (see team list).
  • Next steps:
  • A single Jessie slave ("lightslave") pooled to run gdnsd tests. Slave can't be used for rest of jobs yet.
  • CI slaves no more use NFS for /home nor do they have /data/project anymore.
  • TODO: Dan & Antoine pair later this week


  • Sprint/Burn up update: mukunda catching up/on point
  • Labs outage prevented new Phab rollout last week, will do this week (with more updates)
  • Mukunda adding phabricator pairing session on Wed pre-Phab deploy (23:00 UTC-ish) (maybe 22:00-ish?)

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)[edit]

  • (Dan) Merged many services related roles/improvements yesterday
  • (Dan) Working on JJB builder/template for running pre-merge browser tests (subset tagged w/ @integration)
    • Barry the browser test bot
    • JJB work mostly done (will test against MW-Selenium integration tests)
    • Implemented "user factory" in MW-Selenium for initializing randomized fixture accounts
  • (Dan) Pairing with Rummana tomorrow on VE tests

Other Work[edit]