Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/FAQ


Below is an expanding list of frequently asked questions for our team.

What versions are deployed?[edit]

See "currently active MediaWiki versions" on

Is there a train next week?[edit]

  1. Check the Deployment Calendar
  2. Check the long-term calendar wikitech:Deployments/Yearly_calendar
  3. Ask User:TCipriani (WMF)

When is the next deployment?[edit]

Check the Deployment Calendar. If the calendar is not up-to-date, ping User:TCipriani (WMF) as something has gone awry.

Was something just deployed? What was just deployed?[edit]

Check the Server Admin Log (SAL) for details.

Is [insert gerrit patch] deployed?[edit]

  1. Make sure you have a local git checkout of MediaWiki, the extension, or skin you want to check
  2. Check #What_versions_are_deployed? what versions are deployed
  3. Find the SHA1 of the commit you want to check
  4. git pull
  5. git branch wmf/[version] --contains [SHA1]; e.g., git branch wmf/1.39.0-wmf.19 --contains 5ee155e517e378ba0ab658df26534d9b841dc76c

Do we keep statistics about deployment?[edit]

Yes! See the train-stats repo on GitLab.

What extensions are deployed by WMF?[edit]

The canonical source is in the repos/releng/release repository. In the file make-release/settings.yaml.

What version is [some wiki] running?[edit]

Each wiki's version is listed in the wikiversions.json. The current version of that file can be found on

How do I become a deployer?[edit]

To learn to deploy MediaWiki sign up for deployment training

Who can deploy?[edit]

Anyone listed in the deployment group in puppet can deploy MediaWiki.

Services have their own deployers that varies by service.