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Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20201021

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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it
  • 2 Oct: Lars out
  • 2 Oct: car service thcipriani
  • 5-6 Oct: Dan out
  • 12 Oct (Indigenous People's Day): US staff with reqs
  • 16 Oct: Lars out
  • 26-30 Oct: Offsite:
  • 3 Nov (Election Day): US staff with reqs
  • 11 Nov (Veterans day): US staff with reqs
  • 11-13 Nov: extra holiday for everyone
  • 26-27 Nov (Thanksgiving): US staff with reqs, and also Lars
  • 24-31 Dec (Holidays + New years): US staff with reqs
    • 24th is Thursday -- what do with train? + Pause for banners -- 2 weeks no train resume 4 Jan
    • 24 Dec until Jan 6, inclusive: Lars out

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/query/s3KW8bpsXhYF/#R


  • opcache corruption problem in group1, but restarting php-fpm sorted that
  • otherwise calm-ish, no blockers


  • 2019-08-14 onwards: Zeljko 🎸 🎷 \o/
  • 2020-08-26 onwards: Deb is in charge/SoS is async



Team Business[edit]

Incoming/Needs attention[edit]

Offsite Team Day (2020-10-26)[edit]


Individual tuning sessions[edit]

Thank you!

Q2 Planning[edit]

Kick off sessions/possibly breakouts on team day?

Book club/Lunch and Learn[edit]

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - Oct '20 edition[edit]

Add as you have them!


Our Workboards[edit]

TODO Triage![edit]


Last week[edit]

Working on train-dev slide tech with Lars. Eyeballing opcache problems. Started studying https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T266055 (Update Scap to perform rolling restart for all MW deploy). (to deal w/ opcache issues)

  • Best thing
  • Clean air
  • Worst thing
    • opcache!

What's on your workboard =[edit]


Last week[edit]

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Did some soldering and got a 40ft 24V LED lightstrip set up in the livingroom atop the crown molding.
  • Worst thing
    • Too many things to do.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
  • Worst thing

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Spouse sold artwork
  • Worst thing
    • Doom was supposed to be a computer game, not a state of being
    • My fifth external brain lobe is still down

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Worst thing
    • I cut my index finger pretty bad doing stupid things with a pocket knife
  • typing one handed currently :(
  • Best thing
    • I still feel my fingertip so I don't think anything's permanently damaged ;)

I'm probably going to request the rest of the week off, since my typing is impaired and I don't have any train duties or urgent projects to work on this week.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Looking forward to offsite discussions
  • Worst thing
    • There's too much happening at the beginning of quarter

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Excited about virtual offsite 👨‍💻
  • Worst thing
    • covid picking up in Croatia 😷

What's on your workboard[edit]

What's on no-one's workboard[edit]