Wikimedia Engineering Productivity Team/Lunch and learn

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At our offsite we broached the idea of doing a lunch and learn series for the team.


  • Yubikeys by Lars Wirzenius


  • PHP for the Reluctant by Brennen Bearnes (task T260265)
    • Focus: Foundations of PHP's success, language basics, common traps to keep an eye out for while reviewing & debugging.
    • Slides


  • Quibble - MediaWiki's CI runner by Antoine Musso


  • Train dev environment by Lars Wirzenius


  • Advanced Phabricator Usage by Mukunda Modell


  • Advanced phab usage
  • Gerrit repo layout and advanced command line usage
  • Quibble overview and how tos
  • Contributing to Scap: how to run the test suite, how to write intergration tests, planned radical changes.
  • A demo of the current status of the train-dev environment
  • Helm test: what is it; what's possible; how does it work?
  • Dan's favorite knots
  • Why you don't want to run a marathon and other running advice -- Željko