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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • June 10–July 21 - Dan leave (6 weeks, then additional leave later)
  • July 5 - Some people off.
  • July 10 - Lars off (swapped with weekend)
  • July 19 - Jeena volunteering
  • July 19 - Brennen traveling midafternoon
  • July 22–August 9 - Željko vacation
  • August 7–19 - James off (inc. Wikimania)
  • August 12 - September 8 - Dan leave
  • August 12 (Glorious Twelfth) - US Staff
  • August ??? - ??? - Antoine
  • August 14–18 - Wikimania
    • Attending: James, Lars, Jean-Rene
  • August 15 - Željko, Assumption of Mary
  • August 25 - September 4 - Brennen vacation
  • September 2 (Labor Day) - US Staff
  • September 26 - October 1 - JR Vacation
  • October 14 (Indigenous Peoples' Day) - US Staff
  • November 11 (Veterans' Day) - US Staff
  • November 28–29 (Thanksgiving) - US Staff
  • December 6 - Lars, Finnish Independence Day
  • December 25–31 (Christmas) - US Staff
  • December 25–26 - Lars, Christmas
  • 2020 January 1 (New Year's Day) - US Staff, Lars

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:
  • June 24 - wmf.11 - Jeena (with Mukunda)
  • July 1 - wmf.12 - No train (Fourth of July)
  • July 8 - wmf.13 - Jeena
  • July 15 - wmf.14 - Lars (with Antoine)
  • July 22 - wmf.15 - Lars
  • July 29 - wmf.16 - Brennen (with Tyler)
  • Aug 5 - wmf.17 - Brennen
  • Aug 12 - wmf.18 - No Train (Wikimania)
  • Aug 19 - wmf.19 - Zeljko 😱
  • Aug 26 - wmf.20 - Zeljko 😭


  • Zeljko 4eva! :)

Team Business[edit]

Timespent spreadsheet[edit]

For the avoidance of doubt: fill out the sheet week number for the previous week

Book club[edit]

Quarterly Planning[edit]

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - July '19 edition[edit]
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Incoming/Needs attention[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Incoming from last week[edit]

Outgoing this week (wrong section heading level is on purpose for copy/pasting into Scrum of Scrums etherpad)[edit]

Release Engineering[edit]


  • Release Engineering

Train status and happenings[edit]


Note for week of July 8th[edit]

  • I (Greg) removed all of the tasks that were in the Ready column of the current monthly kanban board (201907)


  • What I did last week
    • contint1001 has a new partition
    • reviews!
    • Quibble jobs and Zuul branch filters are a mess :-\
    • Back in the deployment pipeline meeting
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?
    • what is going on with phan php-ast? :D
      • It's all broken. :-(


  • What I did last week
    • Read version control chapter in book
    • Fail to make progress on pipelinelib config validation and mediawiki blubber build step
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Actually make progress on above
    • Finish book
    • Convert pipelinelib notes to documentation
    • Revisit how PHP is run in dev-images
    • Spend quality time with Phabricator
  • What I'm blocked on
    • Doesn't seem like blubber builder happens in the right place, maybe should abandon that line of attack
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Short week
    • "Feedback & Performance WG" meeting
    • Talked with Erika re team changes
    • 1:1s (a sizable chunk of the week normally, but even more so last week)
    • tried to start the old motorhome (Tues afternoon)
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Prep for next week's presentation
    • TechConf meeting, sending out next batch of invites (based on who didn't confirm from the first batch)
    • figure out this 3rd party stuff
    • Read a book!
  • What I'm blocked on
    • figure out why keyboard is being weird, I did turn it over and shake out all the debris last week, maybe a stuck something
  • Other?



  • What I did last week
    • Prepared for Code Review WG and Code Health OH meetings
    • Other than that ^ not a whole lot.
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Code Health Metrics - add extensions to CH Pipeline
    • Read book
    • Code Health Office Hours
    • Code Review WG
    • Quarterly planning wrap-up
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Read book
    • fix and merge deployment-charts scaffold updates
    • Professional development - Kubernetes
    • Work on porting mediawiki chart to deployment-charts
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Train
    • Read book
    • mediawiki chart
    • Work with Tyler on deploying blubberoid
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I did last week
    • Worked on assisting services around GitLab for CI. Done: VCSWorker, artifact store, deployment worker, and automated setup of all.
    • Read CD book chapter 14.
    • Discussed MediaWiki testing, CI, CD, and everything with James. Conclusion: MW test suite needs improvements, but there's no need to panic.
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Review the new workboard and open/update/close/move any tickets that are relevant to me.
    • Finish CI assisting services: controller, and possibly various things need fixing. Goal is that by Friday, the prototype can be tested by at least one releng team volunteer.
    • Finish reading CD book. Atend book club.
    • Carch up on pending email from last week (INBOX currently at 13).
    • Respond to a little more CI architecture feedback I've received.
    • Sketch a short CI progress report and find somewhere suitable to publish it.
  • What I'm blocked on
    • I am a hacker of very little brain
  • Other?
    • Would someone like to volunteer to test the CI prototype for some toy project? I.e., from source in a git repor somewhere, have CI prototype build something, and publish it on a mock test environment as a static file.
    • Where would be a good place to publish a "new CI progress report"?
    • Do we want to upgrade Zuul to v3 at least temporarily to avoid hitting Python2 EOL? Raised by Antoine last week.
    • I'm away on Wednesday.


  • What I did last week
    • Upgraded phabricator
    • Went over herald and workboard triggers with William Doran
  • What I plan to do this week
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?


  • What I planned vs did last week
    • Yes Done Cannot assign user name "XXX" to account ####; name already in use.
    • Yes Done Merge Barricade remove lucene deps + other barricade work
    • Yes Done Clear error dashboard of gerrit (on the chance that one of these errors is our problem)
    • Yes Done Email for pipeline cross-team meeting ( Thursday :( )
    • N Not done Stretch: blubber update
    • N Not done Stretch: pipeline docs touching
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Blubberoid update
      • helmfile update
      • Stretch: Deploy?
    • Roll back out Gerrit 2.15.14 after clearing Gerrit error dashboard
    • Inactive Gerrit user -- file security task, ping security folks
    • Contint1001 cleanup maintenance job
    • Stretch: Scap php7 restart
    • Stretch: Pipeline docs
    • Stretch: Prometheus Metrics for Blubberoid
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?
    • Reading Book.


  • What I did last week
    • T226586 MediaWiki `cryptiles` in package-lock.json affected by CVE-2018-1000620 [fixed]
    • T224903 First Selenium automation test for GrowthExperiments extension (Homepage) [deployed]
    • T227009 selenium-daily-beta-Echo Jenkins job failing [fixed]
    • T220621 Jenkins job to run core tests against
  • What I plan to do this week
    • Read the book
    • T199113 All repositories with Selenium tests should use wdio-mediawiki
    • T188742 Run tests daily targeting beta cluster for all repositories with Selenium tests
  • What I'm blocked on
  • Other?