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Greg absent due to drs appointments...

Team Business[edit]

Minor release for Instant Commons[edit]

Minor release for 1.23 1.24 and 1.25 to fix instant commons following the switch of to HTTPS only. InstantCommons broken by switch to HTTPS

Patches backported already. Tgr tested them.,n,z,n,z,n,z

Maybe we want to add in potentially pending security fixes?

  • Chad will sync up with CSteipp regarding security patches and announce the next release (if we're ready for it).

How do we test?


  • Chad sent update to RelEng mailing list regarding history and effectiveness of pairing
    • Posting to Phab today (done)

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

CI Scaling[edit]
Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -

Deployment Cabal[edit]

  • Tyler update related to scap3
    • Merging changes up to config deployment
    • Tyler to pair with Filippo (godog) and Marko to get deployed on services-testbed

Antoine below, probably better by email:::


  • Composer / mediawiki/vendor for Jenkins jobs

Jan is switching our jobs on master to use composer instead of vendor The REL/wmf branches versions of the jobs use vendor ( ).

Problem: when we cut the branch, the wmf jobs will fail until vendor.git is updated. The branch cut needs a new step:

   * update composer
   * update vendor.git
   * get tests to pass and +2
   * REL/wmf branches based jobs pass again (cause vendor has been updated)


  • Where is the branch cut doc/process?
  • Gotta update the make-release make-wmf-branches scripts
  • automatically build and commit mediawiki/vendor (composer)
  • can be done just when we cut the branch (Monday). Leave us a day to update vendor before first deployment (Tuesday)


  • Pool to be raised from 1 standby / max of 5 to 10/20 probably
  • Antoine/Andrew talked about potential overloading of the labs infra. The scheduler should refuse instant creations in such case.

Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)[edit]


Beta Cluster[edit]

Other Work[edit]


Please add your time off to your gcal, **Phabricator**, and ADP, as appropriate

  • Chad - Sept 18th & 28th (Music festivals/shows)