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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it:

  • October 28 - Nov 2 - Chad (vacation to Cabo)
  • October 31: Mukunda
  • Oct 31st/Nov 1st - Antoine (bank holiday, equivalent of halloween)
  • Nov 1st - Željko (bank holiday)
  • November 4th: Mukunda
  • Friday Nov 11rd - Antoine (bank holiday, WW1 and other wars commemorations)
  • November 18: Greg in Seattle at RELENG Conference/workshop -
  • November 24+25: US Holiday (Thanksgiving)
  • December 26-30: XMas Holiday
  • January 2nd: New Year's Day (observed)
  • January 9-11: Dev Summit
  • January 12-13: All Hands
  • January 16: MLK Jr Day
  • February 20: President's Day
  • March 13: New day off for some reason
  • April 14: New day off for some reason

Team Business[edit]

Time spent spreadsheet[edit]

Rotating positions and absences[edit]

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

Oct 17 and Oct 24[edit]

Oct 31 and Nov 7[edit]

Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • Audit if any other projects than MW+Ext use gating


  • costs of the individuals tests/check in terms of time (pre-merge things)
  • costs in terms of multiple people looking at things that are older

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

This week[edit]

Last week[edit]

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • Migrating Jenkins/Zuul on November 1st (morning Pacific time): there will be downtime

Other Team Business[edit]

QA Hire[edit]

  • interview loop level setting this week


  • Follow-ups / EVARYTHING

Q2 goal/project check-in[edit]

Future of CI plan[edit]

Determine future composition of the CI infrastructure with a plan on how to get there without disrupting expected services and performance.

Migrate MediaWiki deploys to scap3 (part 1)[edit]

Use a unified git repo for MW deploys[edit]

  • it kinda exists, it's neat, fun to play with, still under discussion

Assess new directory structure and how it will interplay with MW[edit]

Stretch goal: Replace rsync with git syncing[edit]

Release MediaWiki 1.28[edit]


    • Sync up with Darian re security release out prior to general release
      • one last 1.26 before EOL

Wednesday Nov. 1st

  • 1.28.0-rc.0
  • Script for backports? No idea :(

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]

Browser tests[edit]

Beta Cluster[edit]


DB Inconsistencies[edit] and (see also: )

People status updates[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Catch up with reviews/Phabricator spam
  • Migrate some more jobs to Nodepool
  • Prepare CI for REL1_28
  • Finish prepare steps for gallium -> contint1001 migration
  • Confirm date of gallium -> contint1001 migration
  • ?? proof check offsite documents ??

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Train
  • Tidying up some of the release scripts for Tyler :)

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Help with blocking scap changes or wishlist items
  • Set up proof of concept integration/docker instance(?)
  • Work on CI MEGACHART

This week[edit]

  • Work on QA "checkpoint" costs diagrams
    • Show verification logic for unit/integration/end-to-end tests, etc.
    • Represent computational and human costs associated with (re)testing feedback along the pipeline stages
  • Continue hacking on proof of concept integration/docker instance(?)
  • Help with blocking scap changes or wishlist items


Last week[edit]

  • Train on Wed/Thurs
  • Catch up on phabricator tasks
  • Upload photos from offsite

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Feature flag for deploy-local command change
  • Figure out test env for scap3 mw things
    • Mostly done

This week[edit]

  • 1_28
  • CI switch
  • scap 3.3.1


Last week[edit]

  • Sick
  • Catching up on mail

This week[edit]

  • Catching up
  • T108108 Improve documentation around running/writing (with lots of examples) browser tests
  • T94577 mediawiki_selenium feature to show/capture Selenium WebDriver requests to remote browser.
  • Senior QA Analyst hiring