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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it:

- May 11-12 - Željko - conference

  • Late May - draft Q1 (July 1st - Sept 30th) due
  • May 30: US HOLIDAY - Memorial Day
  • June 15-24: Chad - Vegas/EDC
  • June 22nd - 28th : Wikimania in Italy
  • July 1st - Q1 goals published
  • July 1st – Annual Plan, Budget, Risks Document and FAQ are posted
  • August: Antoine - France holiday - because french. :)
  • August 1st - 5th: Mukunda - vacation: Concert & relaxation
  • August 22-September 9: Dan - paternity leave part deux
  • January 2017 : Dev Summit + All Hands (presumably)

Team Business[edit]

Rotating positions[edit]

Train conductor[edit]

Week of ...

Maniphest query for these tasks:

1.27.0-wmf.23 rollback ( )

Agreed: Chad to sync with Ori/Gilles and push .23 again.

Scrum of Scrums representative[edit]

(bad time for EU folks) Dan, Tyler, Chad, Mukunda Week of ...

  • Feb 08: Tyler
  • Feb 15: Dan
  • Feb 22: Tyler
  • Feb 29: Tyler
  • Mar 07: Chad
  • Mar 14: Chad
  • Mar 21: Mukunda
  • Mar 28: Mukunda
  • Apr 04: Tyler
  • Apr 11: Tyler
  • Apr 18: Tyler/Mukunda
  • Apr 25: Tyler/Mukunda
  • May 02: Mukunda
  • May 09: Chad
  • May 15: Mukunda
  • May 23: Mukunda

CI point person[edit]

  • Antoine: do we still need that header? What is it about?
  • Was/is to rotate triaging of CI related tasks.
  • Testing out this week with Tyler being point

Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • ACTION: Antoine to make a list of things not to do

Time spent spreadsheet[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:
Phabricator event for testing if it's useful:
 - please take ownership of Selenium tests that run daily for repositories that you care about
 - collected data for 9 of 17 repos (about 53%)
 - jobs for repositories without owners will be deleted in a few weeks

Other Team Business[edit]

  • I remember us talking about team offsite, but I am not sure what happened to that (Željko)
    • we delayed until after baby time, so October-ish? Maybe November because of birthdays.... fine...
    • Antoine: week of Oct 10 - Sat Oct 15th is birthdays week! Oct 19th - Nov 2nd 2 weeks kids vacations

Q4 goal/project check-in[edit]

Consolidate deploy tools / Train 2.0[edit]

Migrate remaining services to scap3
Services Team owned services and MW - task T109926
All other services - task T129290

Differential Migration[edit]

Conclude RFC process - task T119908
Documentation and workflow explanation - task T117058
Phase 1 repository migration - task T130418
Spec out needed glue for Differential to Gearman to Nodepool - task T130949
  • Kevin attending meetings
  • on the verge of killing gitblit
    • still need to look at traffic to make sure we haven't missed something
  • Meeting moved to 11:30-12:30 PST
  • Code-review meetings:
  • Next step: discuss more in differential weekly and reach out to robla for small group discussion


Evaluate available JavaScript end-to-end testing frameworks. - task T108874
Prototype new JS framework. - task T131121
Send out user satisfaction survey. - task T131123
  • Zeljko took over some in-progress patches from Dan
  • working on survey next

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]

CI Scaling/Nodepool[edit]

  • Zuul deadlocked again (have to restart it entirely)

Browser tests[edit]

- Migration done! (Almost)

 - except wikidata (working on it)
 - All jobs green on Friday, but still random failures here and there, investigating.

- collecting data who owns which repository (for daily Selenium tests)

 - collected data for 9 of 17 repos (about 53%)
 - since peer-review deadline is behind us, will contact a few people directly

Beta Cluster[edit]

People status updates[edit]







- May 11-12 - Željko - conference