Continuous integration/Architecture/Troubleshooting


The continuous integration infrastructure is a machine with many moving parts. As with any machine of sufficient complexity, sometimes things go wrong. This page amalgamates information on troubleshooting the continuous integration infrastructure so that when things go wrong there is one unified place to go.

Ideally, any troubleshooting tips, tricks, or diagnostic measures should be included in this page. Effectively, this page is a CI Troubleshooting Cheatsheet.

This page is divided up into infrastructure pieces, where those live, what the known issues are with those pieces, and first-step solutions to common problems.


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Common Issues[edit]

Stuck Nodes[edit]

From time-to-time Jenkins nodes will get stuck waiting for executors even though there is nothing running on those machines.

There are 2 possible issues Jenkins executioner lock or a Gearman Deadlock

Jenkins executioner lock[edit]

Sometimes you have to do this whole dance several times before Jenkins realizes that the there are a bunch of executors that it can use.

Gearman Deadlock[edit]

This second method may interrupt communication between running Jenkins jobs and Zuul but it seems to work even when the offline/online method fails to clear the deadlock.


  • Don't restart—fsck takes 2 hours to run during which time CI will be down.


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Common Issues[edit]

Zuul is unresponsive[edit]

Zuul schedules jobs for Jenkins through Gearman. Sometimes Zuul will fail with an exception and stop scheduling jobs to run on Jenkins completely. This happens rarely, but has been known to happen. The only fix is to restart Zuul completely.

ssh gallium
sudo -su zuul
/etc/init.d/zuul stop
/etc/init.d/zuul start
tail -n100 /var/log/zuul/zuul.log


  • Don't restart Zuul when deploying a configuration change.


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Common Issues[edit]

Instance deletion breaks[edit]

This prevents new nodepool jobs from running as there are no instances capable of running the builds. This is easy to diagnose:

ssh labnodepool1001.eqiad.wmnet
nodepool list

If there are many instances all marked delete in the State column, this may be broken. Also sudo service nodepool status will probably show timeouts waiting for image deletion.

The common fix is finding someone in #wikimedia-labs to restart RabbitMQ. Instance creation via horizon/wikitech is broken as well as nodepool instance deletion. To verify a fix, try:

nodepool delete --now [instance-id-marked-for-deletion]