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Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150630

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Team Business


Pairing (#together) / Weekly Triages

  • Usual triages
    • Lots of vacations, lots of skipping
  • Dan, Tyler, Mukunda did deployment train #together
  • cut branch tuesday join!
  • Noon PST, 9pm Nodepool Tueday (maybe change next week)
    • checkin and update
    • building images to use
    • 7/1 dan/antoine - 7/8 - dan/zeljko/antoine
  • Tuesday afternoonish cache puppet beta-cluster rumble

Scrum of Scrums

Blocked on us: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/?statuses=open%28%29&projects=PHID-PROJ-arpazvuktn2l647rb6us#R

Beta Cluster

  • /home is now local
  • small NFS outage last week
  • lots of cleanup for NFS mounts, etc: little things, big changes
  • nutcracker proxy fell over Sunday, restarted Monday

Deployment Cabal


Isolated CI instances

Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T47499



Developer Tooling (MW-Vagrant, MW-Selenium, etc.)


Other Work






Please add your time off to your gcal and ADP, as appropriate

  • Mukunda: June 29-30, if I can get someone to take over branching next tuesday?
    • Tyler and Dan #together
  • US Holiday - Friday July 3rd
  • Tyler - July 1-3 - family coming to town for that week
  • Greg: July 6-12th - vacation without connection
  • Antoine: July 14th (Bastille day) - August 1st- 23rd
  • Wikimania: Dan, Zeljko, Tyler - 7/13ish - 7/20ish
  • Andrew Bogott: July 18-27, mostly unreachable
  • Chad: July 25-28 (Thur-Sun), reachable by e-mail
  • Antoine: Aug 1st - 22nd (3 weeks!)