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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • February 20: President's Day
  • March 13: Monthly day off
  • April 14: Monthly day off
  • May 15-18: Team Offsite in Vienna
  • May 19-21: EU Hackathon

Team Business[edit]

Time spent spreadsheet[edit]

Rotating positions and absences[edit]

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

Feb 6 and Feb 13[edit]

Actions from last meeting[edit]

  • Mukunda: Logspam next steps

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

This week[edit]

Last week[edit]

  • Blocking
  • Blocked
  • Updates
    • scap 3.5 planned for this week

Other Team Business[edit]

DC switch over[edit]


  • Mukunda will write a thing
  • Logspam has improved in the sense that Mukunda has filtered out a ton in the main dashboard

Annual Planning[edit]

Q3 goal/project check-in[edit]

Continuous Integration Infrastructure modernization[edit]

Gather requirements for new CI system - task T153270
  • unscheduled maintenance :)
    • Chase wrote a monitoring script that monitors nodepool (as a canary for WMF Labs itself)
  • now will have a regularly scheduled meeting for it :)
    • bugging marko to attend
      • future of docker.js etc (how to standardize the build entrypoint)

Migrate MediaWiki deploys to scap3 (part 2 — This time, it's personal; A.K.A Scappy Strikes Back)[edit]

Build fanout support in scap3[edit]
  • A few bugs from 3.5 that should be resolved sooner than later


Re-evaluate and improve search functionality in Phabricator - task T146843

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]

Browser tests[edit]

Beta Cluster[edit]

People status updates[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • contint2001
    • Gotta loop back with Daniel Zahn
      • SKIPPED... :(
  • finish MediaWiki (tarball) releases test job
    • More patches to fix up everything
      • PEnding reviews
  • get a bump of Nodepool pool
      • Busy with maintenance work
  • EasyTime line debug logging as possible
    • Revamped a bit of EasyTimeline. Patch still pending
  • announce rspec for puppet.git to ops
    • Pending a serie of patches that adds syntax check via rake

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Gerrit
  • Logspam
  • Scap
  • Phab / Elastic stuff

This week[edit]

  • Moar gerrit (bane of my freaking life)
  • Logspam (I may make some enemies here)
  • Scap (fix puppet manifests vis a vis git-fat)


Last week[edit]

  • Moar research
  • Formulate first steps on container building infra PoC

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Continue reviewing past "escapes". Identify first pass interviewees and schedule interviews, build knowledge re CI now and future, build knowledge of current QA/Test processes.

This week[edit]

  • investigate test results reporting
  • investigate coorelating escapes to test coverage
  • schedule Quality 1:1s


Last week[edit]

  • Deployment train, 1.29.0-wmf.10 / T155525
  • write up thoughts on fighting logspam
    • didn't happen

This week[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Docker/K8s learnings
  • Try not to pay attention to the news cycle
  • CI/Deployment meeting setup
  • The inevitable Scap3 fallout

This week[edit]

  • Train
  • Scheduling and attending meetings
  • Writing things on phab in a vain attempt to curtail the ineluctable onslaught of logspam


Last week[edit]

  • T156558 Selenium user: Auth issues on beta wikidata?
  • T152963 Increase in failures caused by Saucelabs
  • T151442 Research
  • T156837 Release mediawiki_api 0.7.1

This week[edit]

  • T152963 Increase in failures caused by Saucelabs
  • T152432 Make it possible to execute tests as a specific (new) MediaWiki user on beta cluster