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Team Business[edit]

Team Workboard[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

Created in last 7 days -
  • Determine a consistent set of expectations for our team to commit to with this for the short term

Beta Cluster stability[edit]

Can we answer Nuria's question on QA mail list about Varnish config in beta?

  • Brandon Black from ops
  • Loop her with Mobile team which experimented VCL changes on beta
  • In short, propose a VCL change in operations/puppet , cherry pick the patchset on deployment-salt (puppet master), run puppet on varnish box (should reload varnish). Test, rinse repeat. She might need pairing with someone about how to apply patch on deployment-salt.
  • Echo test user passwords missing:

Isolated CI instances[edit]
Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
  • Should be able to build python packages with embeded dependencies (ops list)
  • Overdue action (Antoine): set a meeting with ops
  • RestBase use-case (email incoming from gabriel/robla)
    • Antoine pretty sure there is a task for it. Met Gabriel already.

MediaWiki Releases[edit] (EOL: June 2016) (EOL: Nov 2015) (LTS, EOL: May 2017) (LTS, EOL: May 2015)
  • nothing new

Team process improvements[edit]

Chris created sub-tasks, will write more straw man process, meet with Arthur f2f on Friday.

QA for Editing and Mobile Apps teams[edit]

ongoing work

Other Work[edit]



  • Antoine out Friday 13th
    • No internet at home next week
  • Tyler will in town (SF) the week of 16th
  • Chris vacation sometime in March or April dates TBD.
  • Week before hackathon: Team offsite in France -
  • May: Hackathon in Lyon, France
    • Lyon used to be the capital of the area a long time ago. Nice old city, lot of great food, reasonably sunny/hot.