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Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20170612

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Vacations/Important dates[edit]

How to do it
  • June 15: Željko local holiday (Corpus Christi)
  • Maybe June 19: Željko vacation
  • June 22: Željko local holiday (Day of Antifascist Struggle)
  • June 26-July 4: Greg (Vacation)
  • July 7th: Mukunda
  • July 10th-14th: Antoine (friend wedding iirc+ Bastille day)
  • August 3-9: Željko vacation
  • Some weeks in August: Antoine

Team Business[edit]

Rotating positions and absences[edit]

Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/?project=PHID-PROJ-fmcvjrkfvvzz3gxavs3a&statuses=open%28%29&group=none&order=newest#R

June 5 and June 12[edit]

  • Train: Chad
    • wmf.4
      • Wednesday June 7th: Mukunda standing in for Chad
    • wmf.5
  • SoS: Tyler
  • Out:
    • June 7: Chad
    • June 15: Željko local holiday (Corpus Christi)

June 19 and June 26[edit]

  • Train: Mukunda
  • SoS: Chad
  • Out:
    • June 22: Željko local holiday (Day of Antifascist Struggle)
    • June 26-July 4: Greg (Vacation)

July 3 and July 10[edit]

  • Train: Tyler
    • no wmf.8 train week of July 4th (tuesday)
    • [ wmf.9]
  • SoS: Mukunda
  • Out:
    • July 3+4: Greg (Vacation)
    • July 7th: Mukunda

Actions from last meeting[edit]

Scrum of Scrums[edit]

Blocked on us: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/query/h7YTCBTJsepS/#R

This week[edit]

Last week[edit]


  • ton (6 million/hour) of stuff about not properly registered fronted (js/css) assests
    • Krinkle is on it

Offsite Follow-ups / Report back[edit]


Other Team Business[edit]

Q4 goal/project check-in[edit]


Streamlined Services Delivery[edit]

Build a runnable image from tested and confirmed code that is suitable for promotion.
define 'tested and confirmed' / determine the entry-point for building a container
generate or consume a docker file for building
build image, upload and tag it in docker registry
  • Giuseppe is interested in blubber, so we created a blubber project
  • Marko is working on localdev stuff (minikube), eg: blubber sputs out the config for that

Train 2.0[edit]

Move MW+Extension deploys to scap3 - task T114313 (part 3)
Integrate scap with etcd/pybal to automatically depool and repool servers - task T104352

Release MediaWiki 1.29[edit]

A quality MediaWiki 1.29 is successfully released - task T153271

Non-Quarterly goal work[edit]


Quality improvements[edit]

  • Reached out to Google CHG lead, will lunch next month
  • Spoke with Rachel to kick off monthly tech talks again, we just need to get the topics/people lined up
    • what do WE want to talk about? :)

Browser tests[edit]

  • T162966 Figure out why browser tests can't create suggestion box
    • working on it, looks like phantomjs problem :|
  • T164721 Run WebdriverIO tests in CI for extensions
    • will work on it the majority of the week, the most important thing now, mobile web asking for it
  • T162454 LanguageScreenshotBot trying to edit a non-existent page without signing in
  • T167543 Skins cannot run browser tests per commit
    • probably for Antoine


- logo problem introduced during swat https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/322247/


Bug fix for adding panels to dashboards: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/D683

Team Kanban Board Review and Triage[edit]


Burnup chart

Week to date (on Friday the 9th):

  • Opened: 13
  • Closed: 17
  • Net: -4 (yay)