Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201617Q4


All tracked in: #releng-201617-q4 - More details at Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Goals/201617Q4

Objective Key result Dependency Team members ETA Tech Goal Quad. Status
Streamlined Services Delivery
  • Build a runnable image from tested and confirmed code that is suitable for promotion.
    • define 'tested and confirmed' / determine the entry-point for building a container
    • generate or consume a docker file for building
    • build image, upload and  tag it in docker registry
  • Ops:
    • Docker registry
    • k8s staging cluster to run images  built via the above/our goal
  • Antoine
  • Dan
  • Tyler (Lead)
EOQ Yes Done
Train 2.0
  • Move MW+Extension deploys to scap3 - task T114313 (part 3)
    • Integrate scap with etcd/pybal to automatically depool and repool servers - task T104352
  • Ops (maybe)
  • Chad
  • Mukunda (Lead)
EOQ N Not done
Release MediaWiki 1.29 A quality MediaWiki 1.29 is successfully released - task T153271
  • Wikimedia / MediaWiki dev community
  • Chad
  • Tyler (lead)
End of May N Not done