Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/CI Futures WG/Meetings/2019-03-04


Meeting 2019-03-04[edit]

On Google Hangouts Meet.

  • Brennen
  • Dan
  • Lars
  • Zeljko


The goal of this meeting is to review the feedback we've received so far, and get started with evaluation.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Done: Lars to make a weekly blog post with updates of the WG work, for publicity, and to ask for feedback
  • Done: All: Ask for suggestions within our personal networks (linking to blog, when it's published)
  • Done: Lars to ask Dan if he wants to join the WG as well.
  • Done: Lars to give a short presentation/demo of Ick to the WG and anyone else interested.
  • Done: Lars+Zeljko to set up Phabricator subtasks for what to do next for WG


  • Dan has joined the WG.
  • Which candidates can we say don't fulfill the very hard requirements? What's left?
  • Pick the first two or three candidates to implement the toy CI project with and write an evaluation report on.


  • TODO: Lars to send invite for Tuesday
  • TODO: Zeljko, Brennen to find more tools to evaluate, do a first cut of shortening of list based on very hard requirements
  • TODO: Lars: Start evaluating GitLab, Concourse