Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/Checkin archive/20150331



Team Business[edit]

Team Quarterly Goals[edit]

  • April 7th - 1 hour Quarterly Review Prep Meeting: MW Core/Services/Ops/RelEng/ECT

Scrum of Scrums[edit]
Blocked on us:

Beta Cluster stability[edit]
Quarterly Priority: Green nightly builds on staging:
Quarterly Priority: Stable uptime metrics of the Staging cluster:

Test history[edit]

Quarterly Priority: By team test history:
  • Elasticsearch logging of Cucumber results is almost complete
  • Will start dashboard development this week (this is late obviously, but I'd like another week or so to work on it)

Isolated CI instances[edit]
Quarterly Priority: Disposable VMs -
  • Zuul package almost done. Will deploy it on some labs instance this week
    • Related doc pending
  • Quick presentation meeting with Andrew/Chase Wednesday
  • Timo / Kunal continued on:
    • reducing the number of jobs (faster JJB deploys, less VM to spawn later on)
    • skiping full git clones
    • switch mw jobs from sqlite to mysql (official announcement pending)
  • phantomjs -> chromium/karma (faster runs!!)

MediaWiki Releases[edit]

Quarterly Priority: Release MediaWiki 1.25:
Branch coming in a few weeks

Other Work[edit]



  • Жељко: Easter Monday, Monday, April 6
  • Dan in France the week before offsite (May 11-15)
  • Antoine: observing french holidays: Mon April 6th, Fri May 1, Fri May 8, Thurs May 14
  • Week before hackathon: Team offsite in France -
  • May: Hackathon in Lyon, France
  • Chad vacation after offsite/hackathon (through 5/31)
  • Elena on vacation May26-June07
  • Tyler out a bit early today (3/31) for elaborate april fool's prank