Wikimedia Release Engineering Team/CI Futures WG/Meetings/2019-03-20


WMF working group for the future of CI[edit]


Meeting 2019-03-20[edit]

On Google Hangouts Meet. Present:

  • Lars
  • Zeljko
  • Brennen
  • Dan


The goal of this meeting is to review what's happened since yesterday's meeting and plan work until next meeting.

Actions from previous meeting:

  • Yes Done: Dan to evaluate JenkinsX
  • Yes Done: Brennen to evaluate Zuul v3
  • Yes Done: All to vote on hard requirements in Etherpad



Evaluation status/news[edit]

  • Lars: GoCD
    • no progress, busy
  • Brennen: Zuul v3
    • Report in Phabricator:
    • Lars is against Ansible and thus Zv3
    • Zuul handles gating and Gerrit integration well, and this is likely to be used in the future, too
    • There is a sense that we do not particularly like Zuul, but cannot at this time exclude it for various reasons.
  • Dan: Jenkins X
    • Evaluated, cobbled together kitchen sink vibes. Would like to exclude.
    • Seems huge for what it is.
    • Concurring opinions from Brennen and Lars.
    • Excluded
  • Dan: Tekton
    • Did have a little bit of time to check out Tekton, would like to spend a bit more.
  • Zeljko: Spinnaker
    • no progress

WG report[edit]

  • Lars wrote an incomplete first draft. Discussion.
    • Link in meeting invite.
    • Can we start filling in FIXMEs? Evaluations for candidates


  • TODO: All to summarize their software evaluations as ~1 paragraph for report.
  • TODO: Brennen to evaluate Spinnaker