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Vacations/Important dates[edit]
How to do it
  • 30 March-3 April: Greg (Spring Break)
  • 5-10 April: Tech Mgt F2F in Berlin (Greg, Tyler, Gilles, Jean-Rene)
    • Although, presumably, we're doing *something*, but Berlin travel is cancelled
  • 4-13 April (Easter and more): Lars
  • 22 April (Not-Easter I): (US?) Staff with reqs
  • 24 April (Not-Easter II): (US?) Staff with reqs
  • 1 May (May Day): Lars
  • 9–11 May: Wikimedia Hackathon 2020 (Tirana, Albania) - James and no-one else from RelEng?
  • 14-15 May: Jeena, maybe Postponed
  • 17-22 May: EngProd offsite (Lisbon, Portugal) - Everyone CANCELLED
  • 17-22 May: EngProd Virtual Offsite (your home) - Everyone
    • time, details, etc TBD
  • 21 May (Ascencion Day): Lars
  • 25 May (Memorial Day): (US?) Staff with reqs
  • 29-31 May: Brennen (family reunion (waiting to cancel the reservation until AirBnB extends its covid policy))

Rotating positions[edit]


Maniphest query for deployment blocker tasks:

  • 30 Mar - wmf.26 - Dan + Jeena
  • 6 Apr - wmf.27 - Jeena + James
  • 13 Apr - wmf.28 - James + Lars
  • 20 Apr - wmf.29 - NO TRAIN (holiday)
  • 27 Apr - wmf.30 - Lars + Brennen
  • 4 May - wmf.31 - Brennen + Antoine
  • 11 May - wmf.32 - Antoine + Mukunda
  • 18 May - wmf.?? - Mukunda + Dan (or are we too busy doing the virtual offsite?)
  • 25 May - wmf.?? - Dan + James
  • 1 Jun - wmf.?? - James + Jeena
  • 8 Jun - wmf.?? - Jeena + Lars
  • 15 Jun - wmf.?? - Lars + Brennen
  • 22 Jun - wmf.?? - Brennen + Antoine
  • 29 Jun - wmf.?? - Antoine + Mukunda

= Status[edit]


  • 2019-08-14 onwards: Zeljko 🎸 🎷 \o/

Internal team notes, not for pasting into the SoS notes[edit]

SoS going async for now. 🎻



Team Business[edit]

Incoming/Needs attention[edit]

Book club[edit]

Monthly reflection on accomplishments - March '20 edition[edit]
Add as you have them!
  • scap has its first integration test
  • MediaWiki tarball / Wikimedia production are now PHP 7.4-compatible.
  • All extension and skin repos are now being tested against PHP 7.4.
  • Analytics Refinery release job isolated into a Docker container.

Annual Planning for July 2020–June 2021[edit]

    • HOLD **

If at first you don't plan, plan and plan again

Q4 Planning[edit]


Our Workboards[edit]

TODO Triage!


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Refinery job moved to a Docker container. Learned a few more low level stuff in the process \o/
    • Maven Wikidata Query Gui is next
    • Zuul to scap pending SRE reviews
  • Worst thing
    • Haven't skated for a few weeks now :(
  • Where can we help?

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Have gotten through code review on a bunch of mediawiki-docker patches, people are complaining enough that it's evident it gets real use now.
      • Yay? <- I mean really a pretty good thing
    • Jitsi turns out to be real easy to install:
    • I can video again.
  • Worst thing
    • Too many tasks that are just represented entirely as windows and editor buffers I still have open from 2 weeks ago.
      • Attention deficit disorder is real.
  • Where can we help?
    • Reminders / phab tasks for things I am currently inevitably letting you down on appreciated.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Our spring vegetable garden is looking boss. Warm sunshine. Weekend rain that will drive others away from the forest trails.
  • Worst thing
    • Just... the pressure cooker that envelopes my body and mind from time to time.
  • Where can we help?
    • Build us a robot nanny? I would like a robot that delivers popcorn <- feature creep but sounds good to me <- this is relevant to my interests as well I have a popcorn "whirley-pop" stove-top maker. Now I know what I'm making for lunch. <- seems like a stable-enough power core for a robot

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • I now have more illumination for video calls.
  • Worst thing
    • Two hours of queuing to buy one basket of food. *sighs*
  • Where can we help?
    • Existential dread. <- shipping address? :-)

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • I found stash of sour cherry jam
  • Worst thing
    • it rains when i want to go outside
    • my "r" key is st[r]uck
  • Where can we help?
    • i don't know

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • Got Argo set up and building Blubber and Scap
  • Worst thing
    • My home server broke, and I can't use its VMs for Scap dev and work laptop is a little under-powered
  • Where can we help?
    • Make computers not ever break.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
    • I spent 6 hours of my weekend making brisket
    • And maybe an hour making hoagie rolls from scratch
  • Worst thing
    • baking/cooking my only solace in an increasingly terrifying and chaotic world.
  • Where can we help?
    • Understanding.

What's on your workboard[edit]


Last week[edit]

  • Best thing
  • Worst thing
    • closed my company yesterday, had it for more than 7 years 😢
  • Where can we help?
    • cure the current pandemic 🦠

What's on your workboard[edit]

What's on no-one's workboard[edit]