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The Readers department of Wikimedia Product builds exceptional learning and reading experiences for the sum of all knowledge, from desktop and mobile web to apps and APIs. The team's work focuses on understanding user needs, how readers interact with Wikimedia content, and finding ways to improve and speed up experiences. We build beautiful, functional, and fast user interfaces for all locations, devices and languages.


Outcome of the 2015 Reading Strategy: Reading/Strategy/2016-2017 plan

(detail about strategic process outlined below)



Reading Infrastructure

Evaluative Design Research

New Readers

Structured data

Software component responsibilities

Roles and responsibilities


Mailing lists

  • Mobile-specific: Mobile-l
  • General MediaWiki and Wikimedia development discussions: Wikitech-l
  • We highly depend on the MediaWiki action API, so these lists are interesting, too (for API-related things):

IRC channels


Strategy and planning

Quarterly reviews/checkins

Quarterly reviews (2015-2016), including:

Quarterly check-ins (2016-)


Some past projects are now covered in separate updates:

Q&A with Toby Negrin, Senior Director of Reading team

Additional documents