Reading/Multimedia/Roundtable 2013-07-10


The Roundtable 2 on Multimedia was held on 2013-07-10 at 16:45 UTC.

For more information, be sure to check out the full report on this Roundtable, which includes feature ideas, comments, slides and videos.


  • Joe Mabel
  • Petr Brož
  • Dominic McDavis-Parks
  • Jean-Frédéric Berthelot
  • Peter Ekman
  • Rob Lanphier (director, Platform Engineering, WMF)
  • Mark Holmquist (frontend engineer, Multimedia, WMF)
  • Brian Wolff (contractor, Multimedia, WMF)
  • Fabrice Florin (product manager, Multimedia, WMF)
  • Jared Zimmerman (director, User Experience, WMF)
  • Sage Ross (contractor, Education Program, WMF)
  • Chip Deubner (magician, Office IT, WMF)
  • Asaf Bartov


Multimedia Workflows and Issues[edit]


There are 500 million people who are doing this, all the time. Big impact area.


About 21,000 uploaders per month on Commons - fewer people, but still very important.


  • Upload a Flickr photoset, then want to bring it to Commons...moderated images (like of naked body painted people) don't show up in Flickr migrator on labs (Joe)
  • Batch copy in UploadWizard - copy to *some* of the uploads, not all. (Peter)


Around 300 patrollers and admins on Commons - not as important, unless we hear it could be.

Joe thinks curation is done by more people who have no special privileges - bigger number than we think!


  • Adding categories en masse...could be much easier! (Petr)
  • Joe thinks there's a batch action tool, but it needs to be prettier.
  • Curation is getting touted by a small but vocal group on Commons, but we don't want to intimidate people from contributing...make sure images are welcome. (Joe)
  • Watch a category? Watch images that have been mass-transferred? (Joe)


Around 82,000 active editors per month on all WMF wikis.


  • Map of geo data. (Jean-Fred)
  • Contents of subcats? (Jean-Fred)


There are only about 34 campaign organizers.

  • WLM has a great format and organization, it would be cool to see more of that in different arenas. (Peter)
  • Photo contest for Halloween! That would be awesome!
  • Need to make it easier to start and manage campaigns, since the permissions are limited...

New Feature Ideas[edit]

Media viewer[edit]

See the full image on the WP page, no following links. Richer multimedia experience for millions of users.

  • Joe: How does this jive with ENWP not putting Galleries on a page?
  • Bawolff: This is just a modal box, not a gallery.
  • Joe: Oh, so it's not a slideshow. OK.

Category finder[edit]

Address the problem of uncategorized files, causing unused files, by making it easier to add categories.

  • Joe: Uploaders are informed about lack of category...
  • Bawolff: Yeah, but how often do they follow that advice? Maybe we need to make it easier to add the correct category!
  • Joe: Also, people think it's like a tag, which is bad...
  • Petr: Easier to just *add* a category rather than come up with it. Have a project to make this easier.

File notifications[edit]

Echo notifications! Maybe value in providing notifications about files...list of possible notifications.

  • Joe: Would be useful!
  • Bawolff: "Used in article" is much better than the usual "You did something horrible and wrong"


Help curate new files to identify useful media. Existing tools not where you would expect.

  • Joe: Do normal users have any clue about what causes deletion?
  • Fabrice: The idea would be to make it easier to know.


"Which is better?", star rating, thumbs up/down...surface useful files rated by quality.

  • Peter: Related to WLM - maybe they could use this! Maybe they have something *we* can use!
  • Joe: Potentially useful...
  • Bawolff: Also could sort by number of times linked on projects...
  • Joe: Maybe rating could be weighted by other factors (like contributions, etc.)
  • Bawolff: Maybe ignore the constructive feedback business and just look for pure goodness.

Media finder[edit]

Like the VisualEditor one! Maybe expand it.

  • Joe: Awesome, as long as it comes up with good pictures.
  • Jared: Quality of image sort would make this _way_ easier.
  • Bawolff: Seconded.
  • Petr: Using the coordinates would be good too.
  • Jared: Yeah, we're doing that somewhat to find nearby articles...

Slideshow player[edit]

They're currently made as videos....which is not easy. Maybe make it easier.

  • Jean-Fred: Sounds like Sequencer all over again...
  • Bawolff: Outside the use case of illustrating Wikipedia...
  • Joe: Wat?
  • Bawolff: Well, Commons is a store of images. This is sort of centered on creating things for the purpose of creating things.
  • Ragesoss: Having just a lightbox for flipping through images would be great.

Campaign tools[edit]

Better tools, bigger interfaces, management tools, etc., would be useful, and making it accessible to more than just campaign admins.

Multimedia Priorities[edit]

What should our priority be this summer?

  • Jean-Fred: Media viewer has most impact, so that sounds best.
  • Eff Vector, make a proper skin for Commons...
  • Petr: Feedback!
  • Joe: None were particularly exciting...comparison is *maybe* the best.
  • Peter: Slideshow!
  • Contests!
  • Dominic: Media viewer
  • Category finder
  • Sage: Rating!
  • File notifications!
  • Dominic: Tracking uploads or categories...would be great.
  • Media viewer!

How did the roundtable work?[edit]

  • Peter: Hangouts were hard....also, rectangular table, not roundtable! But would do again.
  • Bawolff: Would IRC meetings be more better? Other forms?
  • Joe: Lots of agenda items to go through in one meeting with so many people...
  • Fabrice: That was my bad, sorry.
  • Jean-Fred: Nice to know what you're working on, but I'm not sure how helpful I was!
  • Dominic: Videoconferencing is painful...but there's not a great alternative!
  • Sage: Worked pretty well...a little shorter and maybe fewer people would be even more better. Optimizing for the team who's implementing would make most sense.
  • Joe: IRC doesn't have a "chair" (could we solve with MeetBot?)

For more information, be sure to check out the full report on this Roundtable, which includes feature ideas, comments, slides and videos.