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P04, Ximena[edit]

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  • Age: 19 years
  • Location: Puebla, Mexico
  • Gender: F
  • Occupation: Student, cosmetology and theater
  • Education: Complete high school
  • Internet access: Wifi at home, data plan on smartphone
  • Technical comfort: -
  • Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg Noun 185821 cc.svg Noun project 143222.svg

Day in the life[edit]

Ximena is a student, learning about cosmetology and theater. She shares an apartment with a roommate in Puebla.


In 5 years, Ximena hopes to own a spa and have time to travel. She wants to meet someone and get married.


Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg

Android, Samsung

Noun 185821 cc.svg

iPad, shared with father

Noun project 143222.svg

Windows HP, shared with father