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P9, Roxana[edit]

  • Age: 24/25 years
  • Location: Apizaco, Mexico
  • Gender: F
  • Occupation: clinical psychologits @ gov't clinic
  • Education: studied @ university; thesis on infant/child cancer
  • Internet access: adds data to phone as needed; no internet @ home
  • Technical comfort: 2-3
  • Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg Noun 185821 cc.svg Noun project 143222.svg

Day in the Life[edit]

Roxana works as a clinical psychologist at a government clinic and lives alone. She has a mother and father, the latter of whom lives in San Diego, and two brothers who have their own families.

She brings her iPhone 4 with her everywhere.


In 5 years' time, she hopes to have started her masters, although it's not necessary in her current line of work. She's even thinking of a PhD down the line. In addition to her academic goals, she's also hoping to start her own clinic.== Devices ==

Smartphone icon - Noun Project 283536.svg

iPhone 4

Noun 185821 cc.svg

iPad (sister owns, shares with Roxana)

Noun project 143222.svg

HP (windows)