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Each weekday, the Multimedia team updates this page with notes about that day's activities. You can also track our progress on this planning site (where each task is numbered, and often cited in our notes below).

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marktraceur's latest (2014-08-01)

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Meetings, meetings, and more meetings.
Working on metrics for UW, and probably some refactoring.

gi11es's latest (2014-07-31)

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  • Reviewed everything in the queue
  • Put together 2 prototypes to test major changes to the Media Viewer UI
  • Media Viewer meeting
  • Investigate new E2E errors
  • Review Gergo's new API document version
  • Go through WLM-related bug backlog

tgr's latest (2014-09-08)

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Previous day
  • Rob 1:1
  • fix & set up ImageMetrics tests
  • log attribution stats 858
  • review UW funnel stats
  • cycle planning meeting
  • bug triage
  • check code for bug 70083 and bug 70553
  • compose metadata tasklist
  • ...

bawolff's latest (2014-07-28)

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  • A little bit of TMH related code review
  • Investigate charset issue in gwtoolset
  • Investigate issue with filter attribute in SVGs (bugzilla:67044)
  • Work on making a MediaStatistics special page

fabriceflorin's latest (2014-12-31)

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  • Respond to inquiries about new blog posts
  • Respond to blog comments and emails
  • Update Announce mailing list (daily through holidays)
  • Update Media Viewer Research report & slides (including Friday 1/2)
  • Prepare new slides for enabled rates, scrolling feature, etc.
  • Update Media Viewer project timeline