Reading/Reading team updates August, 2015



  • The reading team is currently working on a strategy in order to identify challenges, and choices we need to make in order to better understand and serve reading different reading behaviors. Input is welcome and is being collected here
  • Q2 planning is starting. The first step was a document that gathered ideas from the team

Web (Desktop and Mobile):[edit]

Readers survey:[edit]

The team has worked on a new tool for on site surveys. The service enables users to provide an answer to one question, without being re-directed to an external service. Questions in the first round will focus on a)what brought a reader to the site, whether this is via searching, quick fact look-up, in-depth reading, or random browsing). Those survery aim at helping us build better understating of user behaviors and reading patterns.

Article layout on mobile:[edit]

There is a current discussion around possibilities for article layout on mobile. Feel free to add your thoughts on the existing proposal or other ideas or concerns. No panic, this is a discussion of an *idea* :)

Wikidata description discussion:[edit]

In case you missed it there was an interesting discussion around Wikidata descriptions on a thread on WikimediaMobile


  • Apps team need OTRS volunteers who can join our efforts to help us understand what users want! Please get in touch with Moushira if interested.
  • [Android] Future releases will only serve devices with Android 4.0.3 and newer.
  • [Android] WMF is running banners a test in Finland to experiment users interactions to banners asking for app donwload. You can check the banners here and here
  • [iOS] App version 4.1.7 is released
  • The FAQs for both the iOS and Android releases need help with translation :-)

Newer Updates:[edit]