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The structured data team in the Readers department at the Wikimedia Foundation builds features that use and allow creation of structured data associated with mediawiki pages.


Our main project from August 2017 to Dec 2019 was structured data on commons. We expect to begin another structured data project with a broader focus in early 2020.

We mostly work on the following extensions:

Inactive and semi-active projects[edit]

Some members of the team were involved in development on these projects (when we were called the multimedia team). They are not actively involved atm, but might be able to help if you have a question:

Team Documentation[edit]

Team process/working agreements[edit]

  • We deliver features incrementally
  • The Structured Data Backlog board is our primary backlog. It is managed by the Product Manager
  • The Current Work board is for in-progress development. It is managed by the dev team
  • If the acceptance criteria of a phab ticket change (for example as a result of discussion in the ticket's comments), the ticket description must be updated to reflect the change.

Code review[edit]

  • As a general guideline, developers ought to start the day with up to an hour of code review.
  • If a patch should not be merged (blocked on something else, still working on it, ...), it's up to the author to indicate that with a [WIP] tag or a -1.
  • Any patch without obvious counterindicators is considered ready for code review and safe to merge once it passes.
  • Once ready for review, you can add other devs as reviewers, but it could also end up being reviewed by someone doing their daily round of code review.
  • Anything that does not fit into above procedure (time-sensitive patches, requests for feedback) can be done on other platforms more suitable for discussion (Slack, email, Phabricator, ...)