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About Choices Possibilities Tests

According to the process, we need to design tests to justify whether our concerns around the possibilities are true or not. The concerns are categorized according to the following: Industry, Costumer value, Relevant position, Competitors

  • Industry: We can’t have extreme consolidation on the web (fewer partners)
  • Costumer value: User interest, community engagement, partnership feedbackloop,
  • Competitor: Competitors (or partners) don’t choose to provide the same service better
  • Relevant position: Can’t cannibalize existing Fundraising, We can’t cannibalize existing editor funnel, cost of delivery

Narrowing those down, if we selected the following concerns:

  • 1. What proves that others want our embeds?
  • 2. How do we make sure that the effort needed in execution is relevant to usage?
  • 3. How do we make sure that others won't provide a better service soon after we start? How will ours standout?
Now, What tests could be designed to validate the above 3 concerns?