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This page is designed to capture content that the reading web team manually tests on either on production or by replicating locally. Please dive in and help this page grow so we can have a clearer idea of what we use and why.

Feature Tested with Characteristics of page How it could be improved
Languages Selenium_language_test_page Has a interwiki language link
Wikidata descriptions Albert Einstein Has an associated Wikidata entity
No Wikidata description 2010–11 SV Werder Bremen season No Wikidata description
Infobox Albert Einstein Fairly complete infobox
References Selenium references test page References tag and ref tag Only lists one reference.
Load&Save time List of law clerks of the Supreme Court of the United States

2015 in sports

Barack Obama

Long pages with complicatedd layout.
Display problems The Club(dining club)

Claude Monet

Caridoid escape reaction



Viceregal consort of Canada



- image map

- extensive Image Gallery

- gif animation

- complex lead img layout

- detailed high-contrast background

- the positioning of the lead img

RTL Any page on Hebrew Wikipedia Content language is RTL
Main page - various templates

- the page itself is not edited frequently, sub-templates are

- pretty prominent

- receives special handling on mobile.

Redirects It redirects to Barack Obama.
Embedded media Announcer

1984 State of the Union Address

Embedded audio and video respectively.