Reading/Strategy/Strategy Process/Possibilities

About Choices Possibilities Tests
  • For every possibility, according to the process, we need to generate strategy cascades as follows:
What is our winning aspiration?
Where will we play
How will we win
Capabilities we need
Management Systems

Our core capabilities, infrastructures, and workflows are not optimized for emerging platforms, experiences, and communities
Choice1: Focus on improving our end user experiences
  • Amazing mobile lookup experience (fast, accurate) for mass market in global north.
  • Optimize experience for users coming from specific referrers (eg. Google, etc)
  • Make a kick ass long form reading experience.
  • Restructure display to focus on media.
  • Enable readers to share content to read inside and outside Wikis
  • Strengthen dev advocacy to engage U/X + developer experts to improve reading UX.
  • Stop focusing on search and emphasize discovery/browsing in UI.
  • Leverage communities to organize related content to create deep-dive educational experience.
  • Create new reading experience tailored for users in the global south.
Choice 2: Focus on enabling others to improve end user experiences., and possibilities are:
  • Grant rich/deep access to inform - platform/tools beyond scope of general reference.
  • WMF-as-a-service: spin WP into its own entity and all/any projects become customers of the service.
  • WMF encourages an ecosystem of frontend experimentation.
  • Set of pre-built content for embedding existing Wikimedia content.
  • WMF supports 3rd party dev/design of WMF incubated projects.

*Project agnostic:
1.Become THE broker of open access data, targeting specific channel partners.
2.Messaging apps/platforms.
3.Media companies
4.Platform companies
5.Specific verticals (eg. medical specific wikis)
6.Including the existing communities
7.The more data we broker, the more durable

For the possibility of Set of pre-built content for embedding existing Wikimedia content. cascades were as follows:

What is our winning aspiration?
Going viral enhancing learning across the web
Where will we play
Anywhere that can make use of our content
How will we win
Providing free easy to use compelling embeds
Capabilities we need
Engineering, partnerships, research, management
Management Systems
Research and analytics
Choice 3:  ?