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  • Problem1: Our core capabilities, infrastructures, and workflows are not optimized for emerging platforms, experiences, and communities
  • Choice1: Focus on improving our end user experiences
  • Choice2: Focus on enabling others to improve end user experiences.
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  • Problem2: When users access content through third parties we:
  • Can’t measure user value
  • Don’t get contributions of donors
  • Can’t ensure content is displayed in line with our values
  • Choice 1: Enhance our API
  • Choice 2: Implement a way to track content usage
  • Choice 3: Remove all support for usage of our content that is not WMF-hosted frames or embeds

  • Problem3: Lack of feedback loops that effectively incorporate a variety of users
  • Choice 1: Commit more institutional resources to the Signpost, Tech News, and other news sources for our community. Consider a banner campaign to raise awareness of "what's new in wikipedia" among ordinary readers (not just hard core editors). Blog more, contribute more content to the signpost, and provide forums for discussion on both current development and future work.