Reading/Mexico Readers Research/Research protocol


We will visit people in their homes and learn about the context they live and learn in. The in home interviews will be 90 minutes. We will record with video and take notes.

An external recruiting firm (Naviscent) is finding and scheduling 16 participants for us. Participants will range in age from 15 - 40, participants will have varying degrees of access to the internet (limited, moderate and unlimited) and we will visit people in both urban and rural locations.

Consent Form and set up technology[edit]

  • participant to sign consent form before taking any pics, gathering any info.
  • look for a good place to interview (not backlit,not too dark, interesting background, quiet enough for clear audio)
  • set up a camera to passively record conversation (so we can refer to recording during analysis)
  • stills of the context inside and outside the home. ask for home tour.


  • Introduce each other
  • who we are:
    • we work at the wikimedia foundation, and are on a trip to learn about how people in Mexico learn.
  • why are we here:
    • to understand more about how people in Mexico learn, so we can better support free knowledge materials.
  • what jobs people are doing today:
    • camera / sound person
    • facilitator / note taker
    • translator
  • can we have a little tour of your home?

Set up for interview:

  • want to hear your honest experience. we want you to tell it like it is
  • you are the experts we are here to learn
  • there are no right or wrong answers

Getting to know you[edit]

  1. What are your days like? For example, please tell us about your day yesterday.
    1. is this the way a typical day goes?
  2. Do others live with you?
  3. What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?

Learning / Education[edit]

  1. As you go through your day what kinds of things, or topics come up, that you need to know more about?
  2. What kinds of things / topics are most important for you to know about? Why?
  3. What things are you most excited, and interested in knowing about? What sparks your interest?
  4. When you have a question and don’t know the answer, what do you usually do? (probe for school work, checking facts, weather, about a footballer, where things are, prices)  If they say internet ask to show us what is the
  5. Is there anything that you have been trying to learn about that is hard to find information about? Please show us the last thig you looked up - r
  6. What kinds of things are easy to know more about?
  7. How do you stay up to date with the current events or news you are interested in?
  8. Which of the ways of learning about things are most trustworthy?  (tv / radio / internet / newspaper?)
    1. How do you determine if a source of information or learning is trustworthy or reliable?
  9. Why do you trust those sources?
  10. why don’t you trust other sources?

Technology Ecosystem Activity[edit]

  1. What devices do you own? When do you use them? What do you use them for? Which browser/s do you use?
    1. probe for shared devices (including computers)
  2. Do you share any devices with anyone, or rent devices (for example at an internet cafe)?
  3. What phone do you use, do you have a contract? Which mobile provider/s do you use?
  4. (does it give you enough data?) + probe for wifi and other connection.

You and the Internet[edit]

  1. What kind of media do you use in general? (probe for tv, radio, internet, messaging)
  2. What do you use that media for?
  3. Can you remember when you first used the internet? If so, please describe your early internet experiences.
  4. What are the top 3 reasons you go to the internet.
  5. Do you use the internet on your phone? How often? What sort of things? (if not answered above)
  6. If so, how do you connect to the internet on your phone?
  7. What sort of connection does your cellular phone/service have? (2g/edge, 3g, better than 3g)
  8. Learn about your tech comfort: 1. Always needs assistance /2. Sending emails, browsing internet, using software and apps / 3. Downloading and setting up own software and apps / 4. Advanced programming, building own software, helping other people with their technology.
  9. How do you get to websites? (probe for opera mini / or what browser they are using - ask to show us)
  10. Do you use the internet as much as you like? (probe for spending / data restrictions).
    1. What would you like to access more of, if anything? What difference would it make to you to have more access?
  11. What information or skills would you like to learn? Where could you go online for that?
  12. When you find things on the internet, do you ever need to save them for later reference? If so, how do you do that? Could you show us?

*29.1do you ever shop online?

*29.2 if yes,  How do you pay when you shop online? (probe for various ways / paypal, credit card, go to bank)

*39.3. have you ever given to a non profit?

Wiki Use / Awareness[edit]

  1. Had you seen the wikipedia logo (on the gift) before today?
  2. Had you recognized the name Wikipedia?
  3. Have you ever used the site? (If yes, in what language?)
  4. [IF YES] What have you used it for? How often do you use it? (go to 39)

[IF NO] why not? do you have any specific objections or concerns with using it? (skip to 48.)

Skip to 47 if no

  1. How did you hear about Wikipedia?
  2. Have you ever recommended using Wikipedia to a friend or colleague?
  3. How would you describe Wikipedia, what would you recommend it for?
  4. Do you trust the accuracy of the content in Wikipedia?
  5. How do you think the articles are created? (probe for organization, volunteering, values etc)
  6. have you heard of wiktionary?
  7. Have you heard of Wikipedia zero?
  8. Have you ever edited or tried to edit Wikipedia? (if so, please show us, or describe your editing work).
  9. show WIkipedia - app, mobile web, desktop if they are on a computer, ? to learn about the brand new user experience (if there is time)

42.1 Do you know about the wikipedia app?


  1. What languages do you use? (if only Spanish, move on)
  2. When do you use which language? (if more than one language, check off these answers.)
    1. When you’re at home what language do you speak most?
    2. When you are in school or at work, or looking for work, what language do you speak most?
    3. When you’re online and in social media what language do you speak most?
    4. When you’re online and searching for things, how often is that in English?
  3. What does the word ‘knowledge’ mean to you?
  4. What does the word ‘encyclopedia’ mean to you?
  5. What does the word ‘learning’ mean to you?

Follow up Permissions[edit]

Would you be happy for Wikipedia to email you occasionally for your opinion on changes Wikipedia is planning on making?