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This page is where developments relating to Wikimedia maps will be announced and discussed after July of 2018. It takes over from the Map improvements 2018 page, which documented a project that added various upgrades in the first half of that year, and from the Wikimedia Maps/2015-2017 page, which preceded that.


Maintain the Wikimedia maps infrastructure including the Kartographer and Kartotherian services.


Bug reports and requests can be made in Phabricator. Please tag tasks with #Maps.

Project updates[edit]

July 2018[edit]

  • Grooming existing #maps and #maps-sprint board
  • Cataloging critical bugs
  • Ensuring reproducibility of deployment processes
  • Cataloging repositories location and ownership
  • Upgrading OS to Stretch

Useful mapping links[edit]

  • Help:Extension:Kartographer - A Help doc that gives guidance and examples for users who want to create and edit interactive wiki maps.
  • Help:VisualEditor/Maps - Help with adding and editing interactive maps using the Visual Editor.
  • Extension:Kartographer - Documentation on the MediaWiki extension that enabled the maps service.
  • Map improvements 2018 - Documents a 2018 project to shore up maps technology and make maps display in the language of the user instead of the territory mapped.