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Previous Action Items

  • Someone (JAMES!) volunteers to see if Retro/Design-dev review can be moved from 1 Thursday to allow attendance of the Staff Community Time meeting [DONE!]
  • At some point, when things cool down, we return to forward-thinking documentation and processes. (things may never cool down, so we need to figure out how to deal with the craziness) [in progress]
  • Attempt to Sort/categorize tickets based on user story or improvement story or XXX story. [kinda doing]
  • *Try* to use part of Task Planning/Backlog Grooming on Monday to start this process [DONE!]

What in the team's process is going well?

  • We've had some productive talks about process in the past few weeks that will help us in the new year
  • Weird issues continue to get fixed despite some (many?) of them not being our fault
  • Commitment! Most of us stuck it out until the very last day before break

What in the team's process could be improved?

  • [Mark] More eyes (product, engineering, design) on early process? (from confusing "lost functionality" incident last week) [Que?]
  • figuring out how to deal with the craziness ...
  • Still want to talk about epics :)
    • Need: For us and others to have a place to understand what "search results" is and why we are making those changes
      • Changes to things currently exist in team members' heads
    • Ramsey: Recommend SDC wiki pages rather than tix
      • Puts everything in one place
      • We should be using the project page more
      • People are already going there
      • Creates flexibility over Phab which has overhead/bureaucracy
      • Keegan can do the work instead of team members
          • Keeping a single ticket updated can be insane
          • Concern: can Keegan keep up?
      • Having discussions on tickets drowns out ticket info, better to have them on project pages and take useful info to tix

What in the team's process is confusing?

  • How are we integrating with Adam B and his deployment questions/machinations?

Parking Lot

Action Items

  • Ramsey to do the ticket guidelines doc
  • Max to send out examples of Phab templates used by teams, how they create them, share them, etc
  • Amanda and Pam to create short proposal for using epics (e.g. "this is what we need, here's a way to do that"), team to comment async (e.g. "this is covered in the status quo" or "I see these risks")