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  • Full story (1 hour, brown bag sometime after metrics)
    • Main section
      • Goals of project
      • Research question
      • Methods
      • Who we talked with (faces on page = collage of pics of each participant who said it was OK)
      • High level findings (executive summary)
      • Dive into each finding (maybe 1-2 slides for each)
      • Specific knowledge questions answered (the ones that the teams requested)
        • Do you know about Zero, logo, online shopping, donating to nonprofits, app, editing, language switching on mobile?
        • What are "Knowledge" "encyclopedia" "learning"?
      • Where research fits into series
    • Appendix
      • Personas (2)
      • Profiles for each participant
        • Tech ecosystems
        • Behavioral variables (demographic info)
      • Profiles for other interviews
        • Lourdes
        • Ivan & Monica
        • Students
        • Dr. Rubio
        • Erick Huerta / Nancy
        • Gaby + professor
        • Other Doctor from Tec de Monterrey
      • Editing experiences
      • Links to detailed data
      • Participants Spreadsheet key
      • Quantitative data
  • Metrics (15 min), target March 31, 2016
    • Should be a shortened version of full deck

Raw data organization + publication[edit]

  • Add videos to google drive so the team can access them to pull video clips and it will create a back up too.
  • Raw Videos organized on commons (public)  / google drive with participants (internal)
  • Spreadsheet key with links to videos
  • Process photos
  • Audio from livescribe? Is quality good enough?

Personas (2)[edit]

  • create draft personas

On wiki + send email announcements (Reading/Mexico_Readers_Research)[edit]

  • Executive summary
  • Publish deck to commons
  • Commons photo/video gallery
  • Notes from sessions

To dos (please add!)[edit]


  • Get more postits [Joaquin]
  • Whole team
    • Complete all debriefs [whole team]
    • Define patterns (synthesis) [whole team]
  • Split up into subteams
    • Publish this page to wiki (let’s use that instead) [joaquin]
    • Organize post-its onto big post-its (after debriefs done) [Abbey]
    • Transcribe notes + publish to wiki (or upload /video audio to wiki for participants who are willing to share with public)
    • Draft profiles
    • Draft tech ecosystems
      • Create mediawiki template page [Anne + Joaquin]
    • Organize data [Abbey]
    • Build spreadsheet [Abbey]
  • Get any missing info from Tulia - Anne sent email already
  • Send list of participants who showed up to recruiter

Back home[edit]

Let's break this out by milestones on Thursdays. This makes sense because we have the weekly checkin on Thursdays and will be presenting at Metrics 3/31.

    • [ABBEY + ANNE] Draft 1 hour deck
    • [SHERAH] Start a commons category for this work for people who wanted to share
    • [SHERAH] Publish to commons using a category
      • process photos
      • Everyone on team share pictures of process / interviews they took on their phones / cameras
      • Organize pictures taken on team members cameras (add to data set of participants, and gather to document process). Make sure private images/videos are marked as such. 
      • videos
      • audio recordings
      • Categorize device usage videos to share (decide if this is useful or not)
    • [DAISY] Account for simple questions, send to relevant teams
      • Comms: What is "knowledge" "learning" "encyclopedia"
      • Zero: Do you know Zero?
      • Toby: Do you know Wiktionary?
      • Toby: Do you know there's a Wikipedia app?
      • Comms: Do you recognize the globe logo?
      • Fundraising: Do you shop online?
      • Fundraising: Do you donate to nonprofits?
    • [ABBEY] [ANNE] Create polished profiles on wiki
      • ABBEY to do a sample
      • Fill in profiles
      • For short section
      • Add aspirations
      • Drop in pictures (for non-anonymous)
      • Add "day in the life" section, include family/living arrangements
      • Make sure tech comfort is included
      • Make sure connectivity is included
      • Create polished tech eco systems
    • [JORGE][ANNE] Dig more about Mexico
      • Smart phone/mobile penetration
      • Internet penetration/access
      • Wiki usage
      • Different languages
      • In general (pageviews, trends, etc.)
    • [ANNE] How to put expert interviews on-wiki
  • March 24
    • Draft 15 min deck (March 23)
  • March 31 - Metrics presentation
    • Final 15 min deck
  • Later
    • [ABBEY] Add research plan to wiki
    • [ABBEY] Create 2 more personas - work with Danny H.
    • [LATER] [ABBEY] Build out findings across countries (Ghana, South Africa, Mexico)
    • [DAISY] Enter contact info for participants of respective facilitated sessions in spreadsheet (internal only) 
    • [TEAM]  Any follow up questions we can ask by survey? Via facebook?
      • Do you use fb groups to collaborate?
      • How do people think about internet/search/browsers?
      • Mental model of creation of wikipedia?
      • Why are people (not) interested in editing?
    • [ABBEY] Check in with Legal about publishing spreadsheet
    • Expand profiles to include information beyond the current sections (TBD)
    • Final 1 hour deck & presentation