Wikimedia Product


The Wikimedia Foundation Product staff and contractors build, improve, and maintain the software features of Wikimedia sites. Together with Technology, Product constitutes Product and Technology, one of the seven Wikimedia Foundation departments.

Important documents

On these pages you can read about our principles and best practices for our work:


Structure of the department

Within the Product department, we have two types of teams:

  • Feature teams are the primary unit of work for building products. Some of them are put into groups to ensure closer work.
  • Functional teams include the people who provide services, such as management or analytics to the feature teams.

Feature teams

Team name Focus Point of contact Current project(s)
Abstract Wikipedia A new type of wiki where community-written software functions can transform language-independent Wikidata structured data into Wikipedia-like prose articles. Denny Vrandečić Wikifunctions
Core Experiences
Campaigns Experience of Wikimedia campaigns. Ilana Fried Registration
Editing Improving the core editing tools so that volunteers are able to successfully start and continue contributing to Wikimedia projects. Peter Pelberg Talk Pages Project
Edit check
Growth A set of features to encourage newcomers to make edits, and improve new editor retention. Kirsten Stoller Mentorship
Positive reinforcement
Add a link
Add an image
Community configuration
Moderator Tools Content moderation tool needs. Sam Walton Automoderator
Web Reading experiences on the web for the Wikimedia projects. Olga Vasileva Accessibility for reading
Android Experience for searching and reading Wikipedia content. Jazmin Tanner Communication improvements
Quality contributions
iOS Experience for searching and reading Wikipedia content. Codebase
Other teams in this group
Trust and Safety Product Technical work in support of the Trust and Safety team. Madalina Ana Safety Survey
Incident Reporting System (IRS)
Niharika Kohli Temporary accounts
Languages & Content Growth
Inuka Experiences to Wikipedia readers in emerging markets, driving increased adoption and retention of Wikipedia in areas where internet use is rapidly growing. Purity Waigi Wikistories
Wikipedia Preview
Wikipedia for KaiOS
Language Internationalization and localization tools for Wikimedia sites on web and mobile. Pau Giner Content and Section translation
Localization infrastructure
Community Tech Community Wishlist Survey. They also build and improve curation and moderation tools for experienced users, supports bot operators, and more. Jack Wheeler Real Time Preview for Wikitext
Generate Audio for IPA
Structured Data Content on wikitext pages structured in a way that will be machine-recognizable and -relatable, to make reading, editing, and searching easier and more accessible. Alexandra Ugolnikova Image Suggestions
Section Topics
Search Improvements
Other teams
Design System Team Build out the new Codex component library and improve front-end infrastructure in MediaWiki so that teams can build modern user interfaces more easily and consistently. Chris Ciufo Codex component library
Modern user interfaces for all users
CSS-only components

Functional teams