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This page reflects the work done by the Wikimedia Product group. Wikimedia Product staff employed by the Wikimedia Foundation build, improve and maintain the features of Wikimedia sites.


2015–2016 2016–2017
Q1: July - September 2015 Q1: July - September 2016
Q2: October - December 2015 Q2: October - December 2016
Q3: January - March 2016 Q3: January - March 2017
Q4: April - June 2016 Q4: April - June 2017

Annual Roadmap[edit]

Across Product[edit]

Product Community Interaction Events[edit]

Product Audiences & Teams[edit]

A Product Audience is a set of features developed according to specific user flows and audiences.

Discovery Audience[edit]

We build the anonymous path of discovery to a trusted and relevant source of knowledge.

Discovery primary metrics
Metric Long-term Trend Monthly

(December 2016)

M/M ± Y/Y ±
User Engagement
39% +0% +11.43%
Zero Rate (with bots)
22% -4.35% -31.25%
API Usage
134.43M +12.94% -1.37%
User Perceived Load Time
532ms -1.48% +15.65%
Updated 02/14/2017; Source: Discovery Dashboard

Recent Highlights[edit]

  • Inter-wiki search is here! An A/B test of a new search results page which includes inter-wiki search results was deployed to Persian, Italian, Catalan and Polish Wikipedias. Take a look and give us feedback!


Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Editing Audience[edit]

We build collaborative, inclusive tools for creating and editing free knowledge.

Editing primary metrics
Metric Two-year trend Monthly

(November 2016)

M/M ± Y/Y ±
Monthly active editors[d 1]
85 500 5.5% –0.7%
—of which new (first-month)
18 400 11.4% –6.4%
—of which second-month[d 2]
3 700 –16.3% –3.7%
—of which existing
63 341 5.6% 1.2%
Monthly non-bot edits
15.3 M 9.5% –0.4%
Monthly mobile edits
897 100 11.2% 24.8%
—as % of non-bot edits 5.9%
Updated February 14, 2017

Data explanations (for further documentation, see Editing/Metrics)

  1. January is normally a high month for editing, so a focus on the year-over-year numbers is particularly important here.
  2. On the other hand, December is normally a low month so a large dip in second-month editors is relatively normal. The year-over-year number reflects the longer-term trend.

Recent Highlights[edit]

Neil Quinn will support the new Editing Audience Research project between Communications and Editing.

A new feature to provide filters on Recent Changes is now available in beta labs and testwiki for early testing/QA. Since it's not at all ready yet, it cannot yet be enabled by regular users at this stage. We hope to make it available as a beta feature in production some time in February.

Our work on deploying Compact Language Links out of beta (T66793) has restarted. Deployments have been done this week on French (T157108) and Dutch (T157112) Wikipedia. Swedish Wikipedia (T157114) is expected to be next; it is done for all Wikivoyages except Russian, and all Wikibookses, Wikiversities, Wikinewses, Wikiquotes, and Wiktionaries, and for all Wikipedias except English, Swedish, and German. (T136677)

Our work to release the visual editor to all Wikipedias is now almost complete. There are now outstanding only the eight multi-script Wikipedias (including Chinese) which are technologically blocked, on which we're working with Parsing. There are also three other Wikipedias in incomplete deployment states (English, Spanish and Dutch), for which work is paused pending the new wikitext editor release, and won't resume until some point, probably in mid-2017.


Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Reading Audience[edit]

We build exceptional learning and reading experiences for the sum of all knowledge.

Metrics Weekly[r 1] +/- Monthly[r 2] +/-
Pageviews[r 3][r 4] 511 m/d -2.9% 17.5 B +5.0% y-o-y
... Desktop[r 3][r 4] 46.4% -5.3 pp 8.9 B -1.8% y-o-y
... Mobile Web[r 3][r 4] 51.1% +4.7 pp 8.2 B +10.7% y-o-y
... Global North[r 3] 78.3% +2.3 pp 13.5 B +3.6% y-o-y
Unique Devices (enwiki) 55.5 m/d +6.4% 555 m -16.0% y-o-y
Android Uniques 1.27 m/d +9.8% 6.66 m -9.9% y-o-y
iOS Uniques N/A N/A N/A N/A
Android Installs 19.9 k/d -2.3% 17.9 k/d -30.7% y-o-y
iOS Downloads 6.1 k/d -5.6% 5.7 k/d +6.6% y-o-y
Updated January 17, 2017 (weekly) / February 18, 2017 (monthly). For some analysis of longer-term trends, see also the Readership metrics reports.
  1. For the week until January 1, 2017
  2. For January 2016
  3. 3.0 3.1 3.2 3.3 From projectview_hourly/pageview_hourly. Monthly numbers normalized to 30 days
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 Affected by a likely artificial rise in iOS app pageviews by up to 8m/day since December 20

Recent Highlights[edit]

Next week we expect Page Previews to be rolled out to 90% of users of italian, russian, greek, catalan, and hebrew wikis. The web team also plans to deploy new branding work to Catalan and Italian wikipedia mobile websites. It is now possible to edit the Wikidata description from the Wikipedia app in some languages in beta.


Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Fundraising Tech[edit]

Technical work supporting the Wikimedia Foundation's fundraising efforts.

Metrics January 2017 +/- from December 2016
Donation Count 122,000 -2,272,600
Average Donation Rate $1.09/second -$11.45
Peak Donation Rate $11.22/second -$48.10
Country Count 111 -79
Country Count, > $1000 USD 21 -43
Distinct Campaign Sources 78 -27
Donation Source Breakdown (by USD amount, > 1% of total)
email 42.26% -21.21%
sidebar 21.59% -6.53%
Waystogive 20.07% 16.86%
sitenotice (banner) 4.43% 2.23%
spontaneous 4.57% 3.88%
Updated 1/8/17

Recent Highlights[edit]

  • No campaigns were held during January. this is usually a time to recover from the holidays. Also Major Gifts is still processing many donations.
    • We are working on an improved import for Major Gifts to help with specific donations sources
  • We have restarted the paypal reintegration.
  • We have a few miscellaneous bugs
  • We are also investigating some features for the annual plan.


Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Team Practices Group[edit]

The Team Practices Group (TPG) supports the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) teams in their continual improvement.

Recent Highlights[edit]

  • A few new mentoring/coaching engagements: Seddon (project management coaching), Erica Litrenta (CL scope and expectations), Mel K (cross-functional Phab workflows)
  • Continued prep for structured data grant retro (scheduled for 2/13)
  • COLLAB JAM presentation to budget holders


  • Ongoing embedded work with 7 Product and Technology teams


Fiscal Year 2016-2017


Wikidata is a free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines. This project is maintained by the Software Development & Engineering department at Wikimedia Deutschland.


Fiscal Year 2016

Fiscal Year 2017

  • Q1: January - March
  • Q2: April - June
  • Q3: July - September
  • Q4: October - December